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We are a community gathered by Jesus
to enact faith in love.

In Galatians 5:6, Paul says, “The only thing that matters is faith enacted in love.”

This is the foundation of our mission at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. We gather around Jesus where we will grow in our faith and go out as apostles to put that faith into action in our community.

In order to fulfill this mission, our model for ministry is built around four strategies:

  • Allow God to awaken you in worship 
  • Embrace others and allow yourself to be embraced in community
  • Train for discipleship in a team
  • And find a way to reach out beyond yourself and move in ministry.

Awaken in Worship

So what are you hungering for? If it is for God to awaken you, maybe you want to commit to making worship a weekly practice instead of squeezing it in only when everything else that matters to you leaves a hole in your schedule.

Embrace in Community and Train in Teams

When you are ready to get connected with others on the pathway, try an Embracing Community like Sunday School or our Mainstreamer events. Here you will build the relationships that get us through life. These are the people who will be with us outside of church, do service projects with us and learn with us. Then, when you're ready devote yourself to being intentional about living your life “100% in” as a disciple of Jesus, Training Teams are the place for you. LIFT teams, Disciple Bible Study, Men’s Life… there are several options, all with the same goal of creating space for us to be real, and to help us navigate the ups and downs of living the Christian life in the real world today.

Move in Ministry

The Christian life is not something that just happens inside the walls of the church. That is only the beginning—where we do to recharge and learn. But in our everyday life, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to be an Inside-out church. Maybe you would like to mentor a child for one hour a week, or maybe a mission trip to Kenya or the Dominican Republic sounds like something you are ready to try. St. Luke's has strong partnerships with any outstanding organizations in the community, and in the world. Let us help you find a place to serve. It's time to MOVE in ministry!

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