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Color Therapy

For many years, I went to the Starbucks in Highland Village six days a week. Sunday morning adrenaline seemed to take care of my energy level, but Monday through Saturday, you would find me there, reading and drinking coffee for an hour or so.

Because I was such a regular, I came to know the other folks who were just as faithful, and over the years, I started calling them my “Starbucks friends.” One morning, the handsome dad of a beautiful family (one of my SF) came over to me and said, “We have a piece of art we would like to donate to St. Luke’s,” and after a brief explanation and description, it took me no time to say “yes… absolutely, yes!” And so this beautiful blown glass piece, entitled “Color Therapy” by Leigh Taylor Wyatt came to be ours.

The gift was made well over 10 years ago, and it has been carefully packed away in the Crossroads Building across West Alabama, awaiting a time when we had a proper place to put it. Working with Kathryn Coleman and Nancy Sharp, both members of the Building and Grounds Committee, and without whom this would not have come about, was great not only great fun, but thrilling as we got to witness a significant work being installed—and installed by the artist herself! 

As it turns out, the generous donors, Josh and Lisa Oren, are members of St. Luke’s and had their youngest child (also beautiful) baptized on Christmas morning! We are thrilled to finally have this gorgeous work on display for everyone to enjoy in the new Fellowship Walk!

Sid Davis, Director of Music and Fine Arts

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  1. KHWaugh May 9, 2017 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    It is a beautiful display! Made all the more gorgeous by receiving so much natural light in it’s location! Thanks to all who made this gift possible.

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