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Welcome to Confirmation at St. Luke's!

We are so excited to begin this journey with your family. Before you get started, here's an
Overview of the Confirmation Journey
to fill you in on what to expect over the next three years. Please remember,
You Must Register Your Student for Confirmation
and Pay the Registration Fee


Upcoming Events

A large part of the Confirmation process involves observing worship services in other faith communities. This is extremely beneficial to gaining knowledge and insight into our own faith story and the history of the Methodist church as it fits in with that of other religions. Please mark your calendars for these important outings:
April 9th | 5:00 p.m. - St. Anne's Catholic Church
May 15th | 11:00 a.m. - The Story Houston

Here are some FAQ's about the new program:

When will confirmation take place?
6th grade: Sunday mornings in the fall in the youth chapel and during the fall retreat.
7th grade: Field trips, church visits, service activities, and DNow: Winter Retreat. Here is the 7th grade confirmation schedule.
8th grade: Sunday mornings in the spring and the spring Breakthru Retreat. 

Why the change?
This new program is a result of years of feedback from both parents and leaders. The consensus is that many sixth-graders don't quite possess the maturity needed to fully understand confirmation. Our team still recognizes the 6th grade year is an extremely valuable window of opportunity to connect the 6th-grade students to other students, the church and the St. Luke’s community. The Journey is designed to create an experience that is always age appropriate and always meaningful.

Who designed this program? 
This plan was developed over several years by a dedicated team of committed parents, student ministry staff and volunteers who have prayerfully considered how we could better prepare our young people for a lifelong faith journey.

What is our hope for this new program design? 
It is our hope that 

1) students will be able to make an informed and conscious choice to trust in Jesus.
2) students will experience their faith as a journey and not a one time event.
3) students will develop deep and lasting relationships with other students and adults.
4) students will feel a deep sense of belonging with this church community.

Families are so busy already. Will this take up more time? 
This new system is designed to be more manageable for busy families. The confirmation activities that we have always done in one very busy year are now spread among three years.

What about the trips? 
Retreats will continue to be an important component of connecting students in the life of the ministry. We recommend students continue to participate in as many trips as possible. However, we have designated a ‘focus’ trip for each year that aligns with the theme of that year.

When does my student become a member of St. Luke’s? 
At the end of their 8th-grade year.

When is the Cross Dedication Ceremony? 
There will be a special cross dedication ceremony on December 13 at 12:20 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. This will be an important ‘rite of passage’ as the 6th-graders complete the first part of their confirmation journey.

What will happen with my student in between formal confirmation programs?
Student Ministry programming will continue throughout middle school. We encourage students to join their grade's Small Group, experience our retreats, and bring a friend to one of our monthly Sunday Night Live events. On Sunday Mornings when students are not in confirmation they will meet in the attic.





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