Embrace in Community


Embrace in Community

St. Luke’s is a big church in a big city. But when we embrace each other, when we connect with one another, we know that someone cares—and no one walks alone.

Conversation is the simple but powerful act that leads to connection. And connection leads to communion. See that person across the room you don’t recognize? How about simply introducing yourself? Are you in a great Bible study, or is your child’s Sunday School class hosting an event? Invite a new friend to come along.

To make our vision a reality, we have to create a culture and a structure for conversation. An excited group of clergy and laity is doing just that. This team of shepherds will serve as a caring network so that an increasing number of our members will engage in regular conversation with someone from St. Luke’s.

Embrace one another to expand our culture of connection.

  • Talk about the church. Talk about your faith. Talk about the weather. But just talk.
  • Chat and connect with peers as part of a Sunday School class.
  • Make a big statement and join our connecting and caring network as a shepherd.