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Encounter Worship | 8:45 a.m. | Fellowship Hall

You have heard that “a picture can paint a thousand words.”  In the same way that this is true, worship music can lift a thousand prayers; and through this worship, bring the worshiper into an intimate experience of the love and grace of God. That is why we call this service “Encounter.” We seek to Encounter God face to face.

With a fresh approach to worship by means of relevant and contemporary music, impassioned prayer, and inspired messages from senior pastor, Dr. Tom Pace, this worship team puts forward an unhindered expression of their love for God. We invite you to join us in worship and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Leading in Worship

Tom Pace, Senior Pastor
Tom Pace has been a pastor for 35 years, nine years as Senior Pastor at St. Luke’s. He plays golf poorly, goes to bed early, loves to work, is prone to say embarrassing things, and enjoys his big, loud family—A wonderful wife, five daughters, their husbands and boyfriends, and three grandchildren, all of whom are usually speaking simultaneously.

Faith Ayers, Worship Leader
Faith Ayers leads worship in Encounter.  She is also the Director of Contemporary Worship at St. Luke’s. She grew up in a family of musicians; her father was a touring rhythm and blues singer while she was young, and her aunts and uncles were Gospel singers. It was at Houston’s Terrace United Methodist Church that she really learned to sing, and developed a passion for the art of designing and leading worship. She fondly remembers first grade Sunday School music time when her favorite teacher, Mrs. Summers, said (as Faith sang maybe a bit too loudly): “I think you are going to be a singer!” Mrs. Summers was right. Faith has been singing since she was a toddler and has been in professional ministry for 15 years.

Julie Ellerbrock, Director of Children’s Ministries
“What’s in the bag?” are four words Julie looks forward to hearing at each Children’s Time each week. She cherishes the children’s enthusiasm, curiosity, profound wisdom and pure joy as they share their thoughts and ideas as we learn about the Bible together. Julie has lived in Houston most of her life, besides the few detours to Wyoming, College Station, Dallas and Dubai.  Prior to joining the St. Luke’s staff in 2008, Julie served as a teacher and director of a Methodist weekday school. She also has a long history of teaching Sunday School to twos through eighth graders. Julie is married with two children in college. She treasures fostering relationships with children and their families, and planning faith development programs and events.

The Band:     
Cody Garrett, keys     
Eve Woodard, guitar     
Steve Lufburrow, drums/vocals     
Paul Tierce, bass     
Bruce Jamison, horns     

The Vocals:
Faith Ayers
Janet Frederick
Sarener Goodson
Amy Kelley
Kristie Trice

The Tech Team:
Will Hesser, sound
Pam Howard, screens

There are many ways to assist in the leadership of Encounter. Audition for the band, or become a volunteer on our communion team, welcoming team, connecting team or visual arts team. For more information, please contact at 713-402-5123.


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