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At St. Luke’s UMC, our focus when performing a funeral or memorial service is to use the resurrection of Jesus Christ as comfort and support while celebrating the life of the deceased. In the company of believers and through the uplifting strength of worship, family and friends can find the renewal of Christian faith, hope and love to sustain them in time of grief.

The distinction between a funeral service and a memorial service is whether the casket will be present.

  • A funeral is conducted with the casket present
  • It is not present during a memorial service

In either type of service, the emphasis is in providing an uplifting celebration of God’s power over death through scripture readings, prayer and music.

Important Note

Times for services should not be set prior to confirmation of the availability of church facilities and the assignment of a minister and organist.

To make arrangements or to inquire further about the services, please contact at 713-402-5086.

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