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Our God is boundless.

Sometimes, we live too small. We set goals that are too small, believe too small, and give too small.  Perhaps that is because we forget how God approaches us. The theme of our 2016 Generosity Campaign is Boundless. God offers us boundless love and boundless energy, and encourages us to dream boundless dreams. God is boundless in generosity to us, and invites us to be boundless in our generosity by giving our lives away. Boundless living, loving, and giving is God’s design for us to accomplish His mission and to bless others.
Prayerfully consider your commitment. Commitment Sunday is November 8, 2015, and we will dedicate our gifts at the altar in all worship services, and recommit ourselves to living out our faith each and every day. With your generosity, 2016 is going to be even better than 2015, and we will have front row seats to see our boundless God at work!
In Christ,

Tom Pace III
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We give ourselves away in generosity and service

When the Holy Spirit Moves People
by Phoebe and Sam Catli
God mysteriously answers questions and moves you into action... I received a phone call from a Scottish friend, Brenda... she had a vision that God was telling her we needed to partner to take care of orphans in the Philippines. My heart was pounding and jumped with joy upon hearing her words. I said to myself, God really hears the pleas of the helpless. Read more here...

Sometimes when a mission trip is over, the mission really begins. Click here to see
Peyton’s story.


Boundless Gratitude

Boundless Forgiving

Boundless Living

Boundless Loving

Boundless Giving

As Christians, we progress in our giving in grateful response to God for the blessings bestowed upon us. God wants us to experience the joy of giving generously; it reflects our acknowledgement that all we have belongs to God. Your gift is important to strengthen the ministries of St. Luke’s and to build God’s kingdom. No gift is too small or insignificant. Please take a moment to review this chart and find your annual income, then determine what your monthly gift would be at the various percentages of your income. Prayerfully consider how God is leading you to step out in faith to grow the percentage of your financial commitment this year. Boundless living, loving, and giving is God’s design for us to accomplish his mission and to bless others. 


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