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Distinguished Life Awards Class of 2015, by sally penning
Distinguished Life Awards
Class of 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Cancelled for Construction, by Laura Schmitt
Due to construction, 2015 Summer Camp will not be held

The Right Kind of Wristwatch, by Tom Pace
Don’t let the sun go down and wait for tomorrow. Look at your new watch. It says “NOW!”

Houston Project Recognition, by Billy McMahon
Our 2014 Houston Project grant recipients

Turning the church Inside-Out: There’s more work to be done, by Elizabeth Huff
At the beginning of 2014, St. Luke’s committed to a movement — a movement towards becoming more service-minded; towards changing the posture of our church body in our community; and towards providing ample opportunities to be invitational to our neighbors. It is a movement to turn the church inside-out.

January in the Rotunda Gallery, by Carol Mohrman
Photos of our Kids Hope USA students and mentors are featured in the Rotunda Gallery this month.

January Choir News, by Carol Mohrman
Join a Choir in January!

December in the Rotunda Gallery, by Carol Mohrman
Samantha Butler is our December Artist of the Month...

A Look at the Sanctuary, by Sid Davis
Renovations are completed on St. Luke's UMC Sanctuary

The Gospel According to St. Luke('s), by Dr. Tom Pace
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