Construction and Parking Update – September 16, 2016

Student Ministries are in their new building and The Story Houston is worshipping in their building this week. The Johnson Building is coming together and we are getting excited about our Grand Opening on October 16!
While waiting for completion of our garage, parking at St. Luke’s is a challenge, yet good options are available. Please join us in our commitment to attend church regularly during this transition time. We will save the South Parking Lot for seniors, those with mobility issues and families with young children who must be age 5 to ride the shuttle.
Plenty of additional parking is available with continuous shuttle service from:
•  The Briar Club garage, 2603 Timmons Lane, 3rd and 4th floors
•  St. John’s lot at Buffalo Speedway and Westheimer
See parking map here.


Building Update – September 2016

So much excitement as What if. . . becomes What is! The Student Ministries building is buzzing with activity weekdays and on Sundays with small groups, worship and fun. The Story Houston has it’s inaugural worship service scheduled for September 18 at 9:30 and 11:05 and their grand opening on September 25. The Johnson Family will also gather on September 25 to dedicate and pray over the Education Building, and we will ALL cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening Celebration on October 16 at 12:30 p.m.

Parking and a Parking Deck- September 2016
As school starts, our attendance is increasing and parking spaces are harder to find. Make it easy on yourself and park on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Briar Club garage, 2603 Timmons Lane. We’ll have continuous door-to-door chauffeured shuttles to the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary doors, and will be ready to take you back following the services. See you on the shuttle! The much-awaited new parking deck is scheduled to open in mid-February (thanks to the rainy summer.) See current parking map here.

August 20, 2016
Louisiana Flood Relief

Our sisters and brothers in Louisiana have called on us for help.
Thirteen people have died, 8,400 people are in shelters, and 40,000 homes have been damaged in the floods there, particularly in the area around Baton Rouge.

What can you do to help?

1.   Pray for our brothers and sisters who are struggling.
2.  Make a financial gift. You can make it payable to St. Luke’s (make sure and designate it for Louisiana Flood Relief ) or give online. 100% will go directly to this work.
3.  Bring packages of diapers to St. Luke’s this week, or next Sunday. This is a significant need for those living in shelters.
4.  Join us on our work day on September 10, 9:30 a.m. to make “flood buckets” which contain supplies to clean up damaged homes. To register, contact Denise Snider (713-402-5034.)
5.  Join us on a work trip to help clean out houses. A group will travel to Baton Rouge on Thursday, August 2, 2016. Contact Denise Snider (info above) now to express your interest.