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Weekday Nursery

Kingdom Kids Weekday Care is a welcoming, loving and safe environment for children of our church volunteers, preschool volunteers and weekday ministry participants. If you are volunteering or participating in one of our ministries, childcare is available for you free of charge with a reservation.


  • 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesday and Friday.

Childcare is available for infants through Kindergarteners.

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Infant & Baby Room (B120)

Caregivers: Ms. Acosta & Ms. Hu

Carmen Acosta has been caring for our infants for over 13 years.  While on staff at St. Luke’s, she has earned her Childhood Development Associate.  Ms. Acosta works to create an atmosphere where there is age appropriate play and activities for babies from as young as 2 months through 12 months old. Many of the children she held as infants still come to get hugs.  She is gentle and caring and has extensive experience with babies as young as 2 months old.

Yan Hu is a recent graduate of Queens College in New York City where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. She is quick to lend a hand as the babies get settled in the room and engages the babies one on one.  Ms. Hu has introduced creative activities into the classroom that engage all of the babies’ senses.  She has a special place in her heart for our Kingdom Babies.  Ms. Hu’s gentle, loving nature makes her a magnet for our babies and parents. 

Toddler-Kindergartener Room (B127)

Caregivers: Ms. Martinez & Ms. Chandler

Crystal Martinez has been with St. Luke’s for 3 years and has over 7 years of experience in the early childhood education field.  She is currently working toward her degree in interdisciplinary studies. Ms. Martinez and her teaching partner strive to create a welcoming atmosphere by planning fun, developmentally appropriate activities for all of the children in their care.  Each day the children look forward to the activities that Ms. Martinez has planned.

Adrian Chandler joined the Kingdom Kids team in April of 2013.  She has nine years of experience in early childhood education, 5 of those in the classroom as well as 4 years in administration.  She is currently working toward her Childhood Development Associate’s Degree.  Ms. Chandler’s gentle, loving manner helps the children feel safe and welcome in her care.  She strives to create an energetic learning experience for the children each day.


Please contact Katie Fleming at 713-402-5054.

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