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What to tell children in the wake of a tragedy, by Amy Birchill Lavergne
In the wake of the Boston bombing, parents are wondering what to tell their children. In an interview with Channel 12, Amy Birchill Lavergne, Director of Nick Finnegan Counseling Center had this to say...

Woodshop Builds Tables for Sutton Elementary, by Erica Stark
The woodshop made picnic tables and installed them on the new deck at Sutton Elementary.

CCSC Recognizes Michelle Shonbeck, by S Penning
Michelle Shonbeck to be honored for 20 years of service at CCSC’s Azalea Dinner

An Unlikely reVision Volunteer, by Sally Penning
Why would a single woman with no children leave her career behind at 5 p.m. to meet with a gang-affected teen coming to see his probation officer?

Houston Project 2012, by Alice King
St. Luke's Houston Project Committee 2012 is pleased to announce gifts made through grants totaling $100,000.

A Look at 2012, by Mark Kidd
2012 Board of Stewards Chair Mark Kidd reflects on the past year.

January in the Rotunda Gallery, by Carol Mohrman
This month's gallery exhibit features our Kids Hope mentors and their students.

Prayer for the Children and Teachers of Sandy Hook, by Dr. Tom Pace
Dear God of all times,
You tell us that when we can’t find the words to say, you will turn our groans into prayers. Today, we groan, O God, and we trust that you will receive our anguish as a prayer to you.

Playing chase in the Dominican, by Anna Louise Buckley
This past summer, I signed up for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. At first, this opportunity just seemed like a great addition to my resume and a chance to leave the unbearable humidity of Houston. I didn’t realize how much the trip and the kids would impact me.

Carol Buckley received her call, by Paul Hesson
Carol believes that “we are all called to do something for others.” She has found her calling at Trees of Hope, a non-profit organization that raises money exclusively for children’s programs at the Star of Hope Mission for the homless.

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