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Our Small Group ministry is the most important commitment a student can make during their middle and high school years. Students are divided by grade and gender and meet each week in homes throughout the city. They share a meal together before studying a passage of Scripture, led by two adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are they?

    Small Group is one of the fastest growing areas of our ministry. They consist of 6-8 students meeting together once a week with two leaders at a host home (groups are by age and gender). The primary purpose of the small group ministry is to cultivate a community that is working towards building their commitment to Christ, the church, and one another.

  • When are they?

    Many of our small groups take place on Wednesday nights 7-8:30. However, we are intentionally trying to expand the nights that we host small groups. If a group of 6-8 students are committed to the group and a particular time, we will launch a group.

  • Where do they meet?

    They meet in host homes; parents rotate providing food for the group.

  • How do I join?

    Sign up online or in the Student Ministries Office.

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