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Pure Sound Anniversary Video, by Oliver Dagher
Pure Sound 20th anniversary video

Pure Sound Youth Choir Celebrates 20 Years of Singing, by Carol Mohrman
The Pure Sound youth choir kicks off its 20th year of singing with a Labor Day Retreat, September 4-7.

Graduating Seniors tell their stories, by St. Luke's
Senior stories

Life Wins by Dr. Tom Pace, by Dr. Tom Pace
Life Wins

The Right Kind of Wristwatch, by Tom Pace
Don’t let the sun go down and wait for tomorrow. Look at your new watch. It says “NOW!”

Turning the church Inside-Out: There’s more work to be done, by Elizabeth Huff
At the beginning of 2014, St. Luke’s committed to a movement — a movement towards becoming more service-minded; towards changing the posture of our church body in our community; and towards providing ample opportunities to be invitational to our neighbors. It is a movement to turn the church inside-out.

January Choir News, by Carol Mohrman
Join a Choir in January!

The Modern Family, by Dr. Tom Pace
column from Dr. Pace

Join A Choir This Fall!, by Carol Mohrman
Check out the musical opportunities for ALL ages, beginning at the end of August and rolling out in early September!

What Does Love Look Like?, by Jenna Lindley
We hope you will participate in the collaborative art exhibit in the Rotunda Gallery, "Wonder Wall: Visions of Love in the St. Luke's Community", during the month of July.

Summer Worship Plans, by St. Luke's
Worship will look a little different this summer.

Church Conference April 13, 2014, by Communications Team
St. Luke's United Methodist Church - Church Conference to vote on approval of renovation and new building construction plans.

Holy Week Promo, by Communications Team
Holy Week and Easter

Brick by Brick, Stone by Stone, by Dr. Tom Pace, Sr. Pastor
This spring, we will begin the work of refurbishing and renovating some of our older buildings, and in the fall, the work will begin on our newest facilities. They will first lay a solid foundation, and then brick by brick, stone by stone, they will build a church.

Town Hall Meeting February 2014, by Communications Team
Town hall meeting where current plans for new buildings on the St. Luke's United Methodist Church Westheimer and Gethsemane campuses were presented.

The Joy of Christmas TV Special, by St. Luke's UMC
St. Luke's Annual Christmas Special.

Church Conference November 2013, by Mark Eaves
Church Conference November 2013

Why do we need a building program?, by Tom Pace
There are three important reasons any church should build.

Commitment Sunday Recap Video, by Mark Eaves
A video recap from our special Commitment Sunday Service at Reliant Center.

ADHD Awareness at NFCC, by Paige Roane
ADHD Awareness

Join a Choir This Fall!, by Carol Mohrman
Worship and Fine Arts Ministry announces the fall music opportunities for all ages. Come join us!

Christ In Youth (CIY) Move: "Rise Up 2013", by Carol Mohrman
All high school students are encouraged to register for this amazing summer experience coming in July!

Summer Music and Theater Opportunities for Children and Youth, by Carol Mohrman
Looking for something fun for your children to do this summer?

Meet the Student Interns!, by Carol Mohrman
Let's meet Kelly Cochran, Harrison Sellers and Katie Brown!

Summer Stock Theater Series 2013, by Carol Mohrman
This summer's lineup of fun musical and theatrical performances for all ages!

Plans unveiled for Building Campaign, by Sally Penning
At St. Luke's Board of Stewards meeting on May 1, the Long Range Planning and Building Committees unveiled plans for construction of Phase 5 of the church's master plan.

A letter from Dr. Pace and Jennifer Gould, by Tom Pace
Church Conference on Wednesday, May 22, at
6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, to pray together and to vote on the Master Plan and Phase 5 of our facility.

In Times Like This: A message from our pastor, by Dr. Tom Pace, by Tom Pace
There is much happening in the world so close to home right now... Five things I remember in times like this...

What to tell children in the wake of a tragedy, by Amy Birchill Lavergne
In the wake of the Boston bombing, parents are wondering what to tell their children. In an interview with Channel 12, Amy Birchill Lavergne, Director of Nick Finnegan Counseling Center had this to say...

New Curriculum Plan for Student Sunday Mornings, by Carol Mohrman
Our Student Leadership Team has recently completed the major challenge of developing a planned curriculum outline for middle school and high school Sunday mornings for the next three years!

The Hurried Family, by Sally Penning
Dr. Kimmel brings help to the hurried home by sharing positive ways to overcome today's hectic lifestyle.

An Unlikely reVision Volunteer, by Sally Penning
Why would a single woman with no children leave her career behind at 5 p.m. to meet with a gang-affected teen coming to see his probation officer?

A Look at 2012, by Mark Kidd
2012 Board of Stewards Chair Mark Kidd reflects on the past year.

Student Ministry in January, by Carol Mohrman
Lots happening this month with our Students!

A New Year of Singing, by Carol Mohrman
Like to Sing? Join a choir in 2013!

Prayer for the Children and Teachers of Sandy Hook, by Dr. Tom Pace
Dear God of all times,
You tell us that when we can’t find the words to say, you will turn our groans into prayers. Today, we groan, O God, and we trust that you will receive our anguish as a prayer to you.

Playing chase in the Dominican, by Anna Louise Buckley
This past summer, I signed up for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. At first, this opportunity just seemed like a great addition to my resume and a chance to leave the unbearable humidity of Houston. I didn’t realize how much the trip and the kids would impact me.

Youth 3-on-3 at the G.C., by Gethsemane Campus
Over 25 young men took their best game to the outdoor basketball court of the Gethsemane Campus on October 20. Youth of ages eleven to nineteen gathered from our youth ministry, Challenge High School, Sharpstown High School, Lee High School, Jane Long, the reVision program and other various schools to compete for first place.

Twas The Night Before Counseling, by Finnegan Counseling Center
‘Twas the night before counseling, when all through my head My thoughts were racing like a kid on a sled The reds and the greens of the season were there But for me there were shades of blue in the air ...

A Journey through Advent at St. Luke's, by St. Luke's UMC
Articles Included: Remember the Story of Advent, Symbols to Remind Us of The Story, Finding Ourselves in The Story, Responding to The Story

Summer Youth Opportunities, by Carol Mohrman
Plan your summer activities around our youth mission trips and other summer opportunities... make them a priority!

November Student Ministry Opportunities, by Carol Mohrman
see planned activities for students in November and read all about our revamped Sunday morning programs!

Innovative Ministry to Gang Affected Youth, by Cross Connection, a publication of the Texas Annual Conference
reVision is building one-on-one relationships with gang-affected youth.

Renovation Team Update, by Carol Mohrman
A 6-month mark status report on the Youth Ministry Renovation project.

Vision Night Success!, by Carol Mohrman
a recap of the first annual Student Vision Night

Pure Sound Retreat Recap, by Carol Mohrman
A report on the Pure Sound Retreat, complete with a photo slideshow

Meet Lauren Bair, by Carol Mohrman
An introduction to Lauren Bair

Teachers, by Dr. Tom Pace
Mona Marcec was my fourth grade teacher. She had dark hair and a twinkle in her eyes. She liked me a whole lot and I liked her a whole lot. She inspired in me a love of learning, and took a special interest in me.

Summer Volunteer Opportunities- A Huge Success, by Outreach Ministry
THANK YOU to everyone who participated in one of the Volunteer Opportunities during the Apostle sermon series

Recap: Summer Clubhouse, by Gethsemane Children's Ministries
Summer Clubhouse at the Gethsemane Campus was a huge success thanks to the prayers, presence, gifts, service AND witness of the St. Luke's Family! 57 children attended each week, plus 17 student volunteers and countless adult volunteers.

Meet David Johnson, by Carol Mohrman
An interview with David, who oversees our Jr. High Ministry at our Gethsemane Campus...

Join A Choir This Fall!, by Carol Mohrman
A comprehensive list of musical opportunities for all ages...

St. Luke's Publications Information, by Communications Ministry
Stay in touch with your St. Luke's family through our publications, The Spire, E-bulletin and The Pathway magazine that is coming very soon!

Sweet Caroline, by Dr. Tom Pace
When we celebrate at a family wedding reception, the band or the DJ is always given a request to play Neil Diamond’s classic song, Sweet Caroline. My youngest daughter, now eighteen, is named Caroline.

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Partners with St. Luke’s, by reVision Staff
St. Luke’s began reVision for gang-affected youth in southwest Houston, part of the dream was to partner with other churches and organizations in order to expand and improve the program’s reach. reVision is now pleased to announce that St. Martin’s Episcopal Church has joined as a ministry partner.

Youth Chapel New A/V System, by St. Luke's Staff
The St. Luke’s Media and Student Ministries are pleased to announce that the Youth Chapel, at the end of the second floor Student Ministry area, has received a new audio/video/lighting system.

Teen VBS Helpers, by Carol Mohrman
120 teen staffers worked to make VBS 2012 a success and had a great time themselves!

Love Transcends All Languages and Distances, by Chris Davidson
I recently had the privilege to spend a week in the D.R. with 50 students and 14 adult leaders from St. Luke’s as they returned to Santiago for a second time. For some of the students it was a trip filled with the anticipation of visiting with friends made last year. For others, they anxiously awaited experiences and relationships soon to be made.

Student Interns - Summer 2012, by Carol Mohrman
The Student Ministry of the St. Luke's Westheimer campus is delighted to welcome three outstanding summer interns to grow, help and teach our youth what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Let's meet Katie, Carissa and Rhett...

We Know They Can Dance, by St. Luke's Outreach Ministries
Two of the Youth Advocates break dancers made it through to Las Vegas on "So You Think You Can Dance."

The 12, by Dr. Tom Pace
Jesus chose twelve ordinary people, called them by name, and challenged them to step away from the ordinariness of life so that they could follow him. He shared life with them.

Back to Wilson Hill: Fairwell Rev. Leah King, by Sid Davis
“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." Julian of Norwich, one of Leah’s favorite theologians

Why I volunteer with reVision, by Lewis Gannon
"Being in the trenches with these youngsters, who may have made some bad choices in the past but are now changing their lifestyles and behavior, is indeed very rewarding."

Graduating Seniors - Class of 2012, by Student Ministries
Congratulations to the 136 graduating high school Seniors from St. Luke's UMC!

reVision at the Batting Cages, by Charles Rotramel
reVision ministry to gang-affected youth introduces group to baseball.

A Broken Pot, by Dr. Tom Pace
Brennan Manning, in his wonderful book Ruthless Trust, tells the story of a water bearer in India. He had a pole he carried across his shoulders, and on each end there was a pot. On one end, there was a perfect pot, and on the other, a pot with a crack in it.

Renewal of the Church, by Rev. Justin Coleman
Recently, I read an article by Jon Nielson entitled, 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church.

Looking For Friends, by Joy Johnston
Do you like meeting new people? Do you like welcoming people into the church? Then we may be looking for you!

Uprising, by Dr. Tom Pace
Sid Davis, the Director of Music and Fine Arts here at St. Luke’s, will sometimes ask a question when we are in the midst of a difficult decision: “What would you do if you were not afraid?”

A Necessary Uprising, by Rev. Justin Coleman
There is hope. At the edges and on the margins there are pastors and churches that are trying bold and new things. They are adapting and innovating in faithful ways. Here at St. Luke’s we are doing some innovating and risk taking of our own.

How did a businesswomen in Virginia end up as a pastor at St Luke’s? Meet Laralee DeHart., by St. Luke's Staff
Although Rev. Laralee DeHart has been a member of St. Luke's clergy for several years, until recently she has spent the majority of her in time in her role as Chaplin at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. She now has been appointed by the Bishop as clergy to St Luke's to serve in two roles.

Student Ministries Engages Youth Ministry Architects, by Student Ministries
We are partnering with Youth Ministry Architects (YMA) for the purpose of ministering more faithfully, intelligently, and effectively to our students.

The Importance of "And", by Dr. Tom Pace
I have been reading about hedgehogs. The hedgehog principle grows from an ancient Greek aphorism that says “the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” It is often applied to businesses, pointing out that an enterprise needs to be clear about its core competency – the one thing that really makes it go.

Open the Floodgates - We’re Asking for Your Input About Our Website, by Chris Davidson
Tell us how we’re doing and share ideas you might have for how our website could be one that you’d be proud to share.

Remember, by Dr. Tom Pace
God is God of sunshine and rain, daytime and nighttime, celebration and mourning. Remember.

A Lenten Book Suggestion, by Justin Coleman
I like to read. As I enter into the Lenten journey with Christ, I often say to him, “I’ll go, but can I bring a good book?” This year, one of the books that I am reading is a recent publication from a friend of mine entitled Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner.

Volunteers Needed for Easter at the Park, by Louise McEvoy
Thanks to the efforts of our amazing volunteers, our last Easter at the Park was a huge success. I am coordinating the volunteers for this year’s event and want to invite each of you to come out and help make Easter at the Park an even bigger success this year.

Turning The Looking Glass Inward, by Paige Roane
Counseling offers people the opportunity to learn about themselves while simultaneously using the therapist as a sounding board.

Get to Know StLukesMethodist.org - Getting Social, by Chris Davidson
Chris Brogan, a popular blogger at www.chrisbrogan. com, is quoted as saying, Every day is someone’s first day. This is a great reminder that everyday somebody is having a first experience with our church community.

Mentor Me, by Adam Everett
Mentoring happens in the context of friendship… but who wants to be friends with a “crazy inquisitive” Junior Higher or a “too cool for school” Sr. Higher? I do.

A New Way To Look At Mentoring, by Nick Finnegan Counseling Center
A mentor is often thought of as an expert who guides people on a particular quest whether spiritual, financial, athletic, etc. Mentors are similar to coaches, and although coaches give advice whereas counselors do not, counselors do help clients find their way through difficult life situations.

StLukesMethodist.org: A website for you, for you to own, for you to share, by Chris Davidson
Gathering together, enacting faith in love, walking alongside someone; These phrases all make sense in the context of coming together in a physical location like our church campuses or in our community. But what do they mean in the context of online, through our website or on social media channels?

Our New Outreach Director has a familiar face, by St. Luke's Staff
“ No person fully comes into their own until they give away a part of themselves. This is why I am so passionate about outreach. I want others to experience the great things I have through volunteering.” - Alice King

Restoration: Neighboring vs. Fixing, by Justin Coleman
A book that has blessed and challenged me is Restoring At-Risk Communities, edited by John Perkins.

Farewell Rev. Peter Miller, by SPIRE
Bishop Janice Riggle Huie has announced the assignment of Rev. Peter Miller to serve as Sr. Pastor at Crosby United Methodist Church effective January 15, 2012.

Practice Makes Perfect, by Dr. Tom Pace
Sometimes, we have the idea that if we believe in Jesus, then the Christian life will come easily and naturally. The Scripture teaches us otherwise.

Moving Small Rocks, by Tom Pace
Sometimes, the problems around us are so huge that it seems best to insulate ourselves from the problems in the best way we know how, and go on about our lives. A better approach is to recognize that we can't do everything, but we can do something.

Prayer Walking, by Steve McCarthy
In worship on November 6, Steve McCarthy spoke to the Westheimer congregation regarding the importance of praying for our Student Ministries.

New Counselor Brings Added Help for Church, Communty and NFCC, by Amy Birchill
Church and community members can benefit from Nick Finnegan Counseling Center's (NFCC) newest addition: therapist Derek Prins, MA, LPC.

A Place to Come of Age, by Justin Coleman
When reaching out into the community surrounding Gethsemane, it doesn't take long to figure out that the families we have to pull from are diverse. The rainbow of ethnicities is immediately apparent when you step out the front door and into the community. That diversity has also become a big part of our church community.

Who knew that a call could mean so much?, by Jasmine Young
In the past two years, I have been in contact with many young men and women from the Sharpstown and Gulfton community that face hardships an average teenager should never face.
One young man in particular began attending the church after getting connected through the soccer program.

Creeds, by Justin Coleman
In the early days of the Christian Church, there arose a need to unify the Church through the stating of common beliefs shared across the church. The Nicene Creed was created, and later, in the West, the Apostle's Creed was created.

What is Your Story?, by Tom Pace
I love to listen to people talk about their lives, to hear them tell their stories. I often will ask, "where did you see God in this journey?"

Response to Texas Wildfires, by Alice King
St. Luke's is accepting donations to respond to those whose homes and lives have been destroyed by the recent wildfires.

Welcome to Our New Website, by Chris Davidson
Welcome to our new website! It's not finished and we'd love your feedback.

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