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Posted by: Carol Mohrman on 6/25/2012 3:32 PM

7395746828_73dbaa747c_q.jpgVBS at the Westheimer campus was a huge success, thanks to the 120 teen staffers who assisted the adult volunteers with their small charges. Teen Coordinator, Rebecca Matthews reported that she had teens to fill every position, and besides one broken nose, she had not one problem with these terrific kids!
Following the morning VBS activities, the teens enjoyed "After VBS Activities" that ranged from fun outings to service projects. Lunch with The Lads (the musical group who highlighted this year's VBS program), a trip to the Texas Rock Gym, Sky High and a pool party were the fun experiences, and a day of service with Generation One in the Third Ward offered a great way to connect and serve. Generation One is a non-profit “committed to the spiritual growth and physical rebuilding of the Third Ward.” Groups were assigned to different parts of the neighborhood where they mowed and cleaned lots, and picked up trash. 

7396565298_7bf5fc46ab_m.jpgEach day the teens would help the VBS volunteers with the children, establishing relationships with their young friends and enjoying  activities with them. Olivia Matthews said that she wants to work with the same group of kids each year so she can watch them grow and get to know them better (her group were toddlers, the children of the adult volunteers).
Austin Faust really enjoyed working VBS as well as the service project that the teens participated in on Wednesday of that week. He loved his gym/game assignment during VBS and LOVED using the weed eater at the service project (Austin's parents, take note). To quote him, "I am totally doing VBS again next year!"
Regarding the mission project, Tess Peterson said "The ability to help someone in need was an amazing experience. I loved being able to talk with some of the people we helped, and I had a lot of fun." And Camryn Crum agreed that it felt good to help a neighborhood that was in need (except that it was very hot!!). But she thought it was a beneficial activity that showed that how even one day's work to assist a few people can help improve our community.
One of the best stories of the week involved a young man who was from Dallas. His grandparents signed him up to volunteer, but he didn't know anyone. However, by the end of the week, he had new friends, thanks to his fellow volunteers who made him feel welcome and included.7395838922_f429fd24a4_m.jpg
If that is the one thing our visitors take away from their experience at our church, then we are most blessed, because we are truly a community where no one walks alone!


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