This summer, I had the chance to attend the camp Youth Becoming Leaders in Kentucky for two weeks to leap further into my faith. YBL has been a time for me to grow in my leadership abilities and in my knowledge of Wesleyan Theology.

I would say that one thing God has done for me in those two weeks was making me more ambitious to serve further in his ministry by getting me to start my own ministry project with the resources, connections, and skills I was given at the camp.

Thanks to the guidance of God, camp counselors, and my mentor, Joseph Patty, I was inspired and encouraged to start my ministry project that I’ve named <7%. I will be creating a clothing line whose proceeds will go to Elijah Rising, an organization that rehabilitates women who were formerly trafficked. My goal is to lower the percentage of these victims (7% as of 2017) in Houston with Elijah Rising so that our brothers and sisters can live with bold confidence.

For more information, contact [email protected]