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Thank You for My Church, by Cindy Pierce

This note was given to the Pierces on the 50th anniversary of St. Luke's founding by their grandson Allen Pierce, age 6. In 1945, my mother and father-in-law, Betty R. Pierce (96) and the late George F. Pierce, Jr. were a young married couple in their twenties with a child and one on the way.  George’s uncle, Bishop A. Frank Smith, invited them to the organizational meetings for a “new church in the west of Houston." George said, “He wanted me to be involved in the beginning stages of this new church that he knew was going to be an important one."  They felt this was a great opportunity and honor while feeling the responsibility for the formation of this church. George, an architect, was involved from the beginning with needs assessments, master plans, design details, coordination and oversight always considering “where you are going and making room [...]

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What is your story? – Catherine Washington

When I was asked to share a story in worship, I really thought it would be an easy task to think of one because so many of my stories come from here. I was baptized here, confirmed here, I sang in Pure Sound, my husband and I were married here and we are now raising our 2 children here. But milestones are not a story...

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The Randy Smith Class – Miriam Slemmons

The Randy Smith Bible Class was formed in 1972 by Wm. Randolph Smith, his wife, Ann Pichett Smith, Clyde and Jody Jackson, Faerie Marston and Miriam S. Slemmons after they had attended a retreat at Laity Lodge, established by the Howard E. Butt Foundation on the Frio River north of Leakey, Texas. Dr. J. Kenneth Shamblin, St. Luke’s Senior Pastor at the time, was concerned about a layperson teaching the Bible, but graciously consented to the class’ founding and Randy as its first teacher. Randy’s father was Bishop A. Frank Smith, but Randy had chosen to become an attorney and was a Sr. Partner at Vinson and Elkins. The class is still active with Jim Henderson and Hank Coleman as teachers.

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Memories of St. Luke’s – Jeff Hoover

Although my memory isn’t especially clear on this, this clipping from an early 1954 Houston Chronicle article shows that my sister, my cousin, and I (among others age 6) “took attendance honors” for the Carol Choir of St. Luke’s. Eighteen months later, my family moved away from Houston. My next St. Luke’s memory was in 1965 while visiting Rice University as a college option. My family sat in the balcony and I was in awe of the amazing church service. The choir procession and the music really caught my attention. I also remember being unable to figure out where the organ was located. As the Fall Semester at Rice began, I considered visiting several churches before settling on one, and, because of my earlier childhood history, I visited St. Luke’s first, including St. Luke’s Chancel Choir during the first choir rehearsal of October 1965, and then never got around [...]

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The Impact St. Luke’s Has Had On My Life – Joanne Mueller

You can’t imagine the impact St. Luke’s has had on my life. Sixty-six years ago, when Carl and I came to St. Luke’s with our infant son in 1954, I was 23 years old, and St. Luke’s was a neighborhood church.  Friends of ours were members and invited us to the church. We loved it and stayed. I dove right in and taught kindergarten Sunday School, and Jan and Debbie Agee were two of my students. I sang in the Chancel Choir for years when Bob Bennett was the Choirmaster. I grew in my faith and my knowledge of scripture because when we sing hymns, we are often singing Bible verses. I also had great fun in two small choral groups, “Six of Us and Bob” and “Yesterday’s Children” with Ann Yeoman, Barbara Clinton, Emily Griffin, Yvonne Miller and Hilda Misenheimer. We not only had a dear friendship, but [...]

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