by Leigh Williams

Riley receiving his third grade Bible was the highlight of our week. The service was so special seeing our third grader walk up and receive his own personalized bible presented by Dr. Pace. It is a memory that will forever be etched in our minds. Riley enjoyed the fun Bible exploration activity the kids did at church one evening that helped to sharpen his Bible skills. We were excited that he had become somewhat familiar and comfortable with his new Bible. We didn’t realize how proficient he was until we received this wonderful note from his religion teacher at school:

Mr. and Mrs. Williams,

Today in Religion, we began a unit on Paul and spiritual gifts. In groups, the students worked on different passages where Paul lists some of the spiritual gifts. By luck of the draw, Riley had the longest list in his group. It didn’t slow him down. He came to me very quickly to have me check his work, which was 100% correct! I told him it was the fastest I had seen anyone in third or fourth grade complete the task on 1 Corinthians. I was very impressed! I just wanted to send you a quick, happy note to say that I really enjoy having him in class and watching how diligently he worked on today’s lesson. Thank you for sharing him with us at St. Francis! We are so grateful to all the many blessings we receive from St. Luke’s and especially the Children’s Ministries program!