by Corey Sumner

It’s been said before… when you need to feel better, give back. When my mom passed away in January, I was in serious need of giving. Not just because it is a wonderful way to step outside of everything you are going through, but I also felt like it was a way for me to thank the many people who loved and cared for me and my family during that time.

Through the entire seven weeks my mom was in the hospital, I was consistently touched by all the healthcare staff, including doctors and nurses who were there for my mom and our family. We were moved by their compassion and love. In addition, my family and I were overwhelmed by our extended family and friends. They brought dinners, helped with puppy care, assisted on the day of the memorial service and so much more. My girlfriends are like my family and we would do anything for each other. I’m so thankful for my friends and am happy to call them family! As they say… friends are the family you choose!

After my mom passed away, I had this urge to do something for someone else. I immediately looked on St. Luke’s website and found the Kids Meals site. I decided to book a night in June and emailed all my girlfriends to come volunteer with me! We always need an excuse to get together and volunteering is no exception. They were happy to help and when we showed up, we had a blast making sandwiches for Kids Meals, spending time together and giving our time and effort away for this ministry. Of course, we extended our evening with dinner down the street. We are already talking about doing it again. There is no better joy than helping feed young children, especially in Houston.