When I was asked to write a short statement on my experience of being in a LIFT group and studying Scripture+Shared with my group, I actually looked forward to telling the story. And then came Hurricane Harvey and the events of the last weeks have reinforced even more why small groups are so important at St. Luke’s.

If you wanted the standard story, you would hear from me about theological learnings and the shaping of my own beliefs through studying and discussing the lessons with our group. You would hear from me about how, even as the “leader”, I learn more from my group than I could ever “teach” them. You would hear from me that our group has helped me grow closer to my Lord and our savior. You would also hear from me about the incredible things our group has learned together that has shaped our understanding of God and how important He is to each one of our everyday lives.

But all of that would not begin to tell you why joining a LIFT group should be important to you. You see, what has been so important in our group has been the connections and relationships and the sharing of what is happening in each of our lives. Our cherished member, Boyd, lost his wife of 60 years earlier this year, and our greatest gift was to be able to be there for him. Some in our group have suffered through Hurricane Harvey and we treasure our time together, as faithful people, to heal and help one another by serving others.  We keep track of one another, through the joyous births of multiple babies and one miracle baby, Julianna, born to a couple in our group who had previously lost twins years ago and were very afraid they would not have another chance. You see, we share each other’s blessings and pain, joys and sorrows and together give them to God. And now, after the hurricane, that has never been more true.    

Being in a LIFT group is about the Bible and our personal journeys with the Lord, but the unique reason we show up is to see God’s work and miracles in each other’s lives. To be His heart, hands and feet in other peoples’ lives, which so enriches our own lives. For me, the greatest gift I receive from our LIFT group is having a living experience of the Holy Spirit and reaching out through and with others in our LIFT group, to demonstrate God’s love to others…
now who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?