When I met Sid Davis, I had that sense that happens occasionally that you are re-meeting a long-lost family member. We resonated immediately and deeply. We started a collaboration that is now almost 30 years old. Together we have written, produced and performed almost 60 shows with about 30 of them original works. We have done this in an effort to give gifted individuals a stage upon which to apply their gifts… but more importantly… to build and forward – community.

Jesus was a very social guy. Water-into-wine is a great opener for starting to engage with the community-at-large. He went on to appeal to other universal themes like feeding large groups, healing the sick, and using parables to tell stories relevant to the world he was in. Through it all he stayed with the “work with what you have” faith that “God has provided this… so it will be enough.” Sid and I borrowed that strategy for working with theatrical story-telling. We work with both very talented/experienced people and with very inexperienced/new people building an ensemble of folks who give themselves to the telling of a story that, like Jesus’ parables, tell the human condition in a way that shines a light on God’s quiet involvement in our daily lives… through our relationships with one another.  Tapestry Players build on one another’s strengths and bridges gaps in one another’s abilities.

Audiences expect preachy theatre from a show in a church.  But Tapestry Players delivers exceptionally entertaining theatre that has deep heart and humanity. It starts with great scripts… but the real delivery is from great ensembles of trusting company members – who know how to give one another what they need on stage – to make the moments true, and rich… and filled with the love and honesty from which Christ invited us to live.