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15 02, 2019

Living and loving like Jesus

2019-02-15T09:47:34-06:00February 15th, 2019|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Living and loving like Jesus

Last Sunday, we talked about the vision for all of St. Luke's family of ministries - St. Luke's church, The Story Houston, Gethsemane, Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, St. Luke's Day School and After School and Summer Camps, as well as Bridges Academy. We are all are striving for the vision of "A city transformed by the love of Jesus." Each of those ministries has its own mission statement, all of which work to bring about our common vision. This is our north star, and it is the why we do what we do. This week, we will talk [...]

8 02, 2019

Special Edition

2019-02-08T10:01:08-06:00February 8th, 2019|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Special Edition

Our inside-out habits: We pray. We study the Bible. We make friends. We tell our stories. We give ourselves away in generosity and service. Friends, this Sunday I begin a special three-part sermon series sharing a new statement for St. Luke's identity - vision, mission, spiritual journey, and inside-out habits. The sermon series is titled "A City Transformed." It is not a remake of who we are, as it simply gives us new language to talk about who we have always been - a church family that seeks to make an impact outside of our walls. But my hope is that [...]

25 01, 2019

What is your approval rating?

2019-01-25T09:06:57-06:00January 25th, 2019|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on What is your approval rating?

A PERSONAL PRAYER OK God, I'll admit it. I'm kind of confused. On the one hand, my rabbi Jesus tells me in his sermon on the mount that I am supposed to be a light to the world, so people will see my good works and give you glory. Then, in the very same sermon, Jesus tells me to do my charity work in secret, so secret that my right hand doesn't even know what my left hand is doing. (Sometimes I just want to say to Jesus, as he talks in parables, "make it plain, preacher, make in plain!")  God, [...]

18 01, 2019

Starving for Love

2019-01-18T09:02:15-06:00January 18th, 2019|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Starving for Love

It's Houston Marathon Weekend. We are praying for all of those at St. Luke's who are running this year. Don't forget: LOTS of road closures on Sunday morning, so plan your route to St. Luke's. Here are the road closures: http://www.chevronhoustonmarathon.com/race-weekend/street-closures/  Remember, Christians in Africa walk MILES to get to church. You can leave a little early and figure out how to get here! A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious God, "Ah, look at all the lonely people..." Eleanor Rigby...  God of love, the Beatles had it right. There are so many lonely people, so many who are starving for love, starving for someone to really see them [...]

11 01, 2019

Dealing With My Appetites

2019-01-11T08:49:17-06:00January 11th, 2019|Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Dealing With My Appetites

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious God, How much is enough? I confess that it seems no matter what I have, I think more would be better. A bigger house in which all these grandchildren could play would be excellent. A bigger bank account would mean I don't worry at all about money. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a house in the mountains where I could spend summers? I wonder, God, is my desire for such things inconsistent with love for you? In my mind I know that these possessions will provide pleasure and happiness for a while. But [...]

4 01, 2019

Starting the year with gratitude

2019-01-04T08:50:56-06:00January 4th, 2019|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Starting the year with gratitude

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gift Giving God, I don't understand why I do not always, always, always feel grateful. How do I grumble when you have blessed me so much? Why do I feel this sense of entitlement and resentment, when I have been given so much? So God, in order to change my mindset, let me say thank you and bring to the front of my mind the gratitude that is in my heart. Thank you, God, for (in no particular order)... Your love, made flesh in Jesus Christ, and the eternal abundant life that I have in a relationship with [...]

28 12, 2018


2018-12-28T08:45:35-06:00December 28th, 2018|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on Expectancy

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of hope, I have all sorts of thoughts about a new year. There are things I hope to accomplish and things I hope to change. I know you call me to keep growing, to keep moving forward on my own journey of discipleship. I am reminded that discipline and discipleship are related words, and that my own growth means I will have to do some things differently. Some of them are the same things I have been working on for years. I need your help, God. Some of these things I know I cannot change without your power, [...]

21 12, 2018

O Come Let Us Adore Him

2018-12-21T13:12:48-06:00December 21st, 2018|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on O Come Let Us Adore Him

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of love, I confess that it is hard to keep love for your Son at the center of my heart this season. Seems like I am even more distracted by deadlines and tasks to do than ever. And I confess that much of the time, the familiarity of the Christmas message makes it feel less incredible to me than it really is. I find myself going through the motions. I have taken you for granted, God. I have let my sense of amazement grow cold. How unbelievable is the story of a God who, "did not [...]

14 12, 2018

The Holy Family

2018-12-14T08:48:20-06:00December 14th, 2018|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on The Holy Family

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, I love my family. I must admit, I am a little too proud of them - all of them. Oh, we are clearly not perfect, and you know that. You know our "stuff" and the tensions and challenges that show up. But you know, too, God, that we work through them because we are "compelled by love" to do so. (2 Corinthians 5:14) And during Christmastime, I am especially thankful to you for my family. What an incredibly amazing gift. You put us here in families. More importantly, though, you came as Jesus Christ so that we might be part [...]

7 12, 2018

A Gift-Giving God

2018-12-07T09:21:57-06:00December 7th, 2018|All blogs, Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace|Comments Off on A Gift-Giving God

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious, gift-giving God, There are some amazing people in this world, who reflect your love in tangible ways into my life. A neighbor comes by with tomatoes from his garden. A friend takes the time to write me a note of encouragement. A church member, who I know has limited resources, writes a check to support a project. A colleague takes more than a few minutes to visit with me on the phone when I call. There are signs of generosity all around me. I am so thankful to you for these people, in whom I can see [...]