Dr. Tom Pace, Dr. Tom Pace lll, Senior Pastor St. Lukes UMC, Sr Pastor St Lukes



Today, I will make lots of choices, and I need your help. In every moment, and in every opportunity, I pray that…
I will choose joy over anxiety and fear.
I will choose compassion over apathy and self-centeredness.
I will choose positivity over cynicism.
I will choose action over complacency.
I will choose growth over stagnation.

I am not at the mercy of my circumstances, God. I can choose how to respond to whatever comes my way. So today, God, I will let your light shine, and will not put it under a bushel. Like a candle does what it does by being what it is, I will let your light shine by being who you have made me to be. By the power of your Holy Spirit, God, help me to do so today. Amen.

This Sunday, June 9, St. Luke’s continues our sermon series “Father Abraham Had Many Sons (and Daughters),” as we consider Abram and his wife Sarai, and the first mistakes they make as they try to take hold of the promise God made to them.

This coming week, June 10-14, 600 or so children will be a part of our Vacation Bible School, plus over 200 teen helpers and teachers. Pray that this week, these children and teachers experience the joy and love of being a part of a community that is all about living and loving like Jesus did. Let them ride on the prayers of the whole congregation.

Sunday, June 9 – Pentecost
Dear Lord, on this Pentecost, fill each of us with the power and presence of your Holy Spirit. As you did so many years ago when you first empowered the church, give us tongues of fire that we may boldly proclaim your gospel of love and restoration to the ends of the earth. Give us the discernment of your spirit to better love those whom you have placed around us, help us to be your message of grace to the world. Amen. -Prayer by Rev. Thomas Harper

Monday, June 10
Heavenly Father, I so often lack patience. Not only patience for others, but also patience for your will. I want things to happen on my schedule, my timeline. And I want to know what will happen next. Lord, grant me patience in my everyday life so that I am kinder to others while I wait. And grant me patience for thy will, knowing that you are in charge and have infinite wisdom. Amen.

Tuesday, June 11
My Lord, You are amazing! Your works and your love and your compassion blow us away. Forgive us when we take you for granted. Remind us to recognize your glory daily and thank you for your awesomeness. Lead us in your ways to serve your kingdom. Amen.

Wednesday, June 12
Heavenly Father, pets can bring such joy and companionship to our lives. For many, a pet feels like an integral part of the family. Thank you for the gift of their presence, the fun they bring, and the love they give. And we pray that you bring comfort to those who mourn the loss of their cherished companion. Amen.

Thursday, June 13
Lord, forgive us as we often overlook the day-to-day people whom we take for granted, but who assist us in our daily lives. The policeman directing traffic, the cleaning person keeping bathrooms tidy, the server preparing our coffee. Lord, make us aware of them and be thankful for them. And Lord, we give thanks as well for the behind-the-scenes people whom we depend on, such as engineers working in the water treatment plants and the power plants. Lord – thank you for them all. Amen.

Friday, June 14 – Flag Day
Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the gifts you have bestowed upon us; our families, communities, and nation. Within these gifts, you have blessed us with immeasurable freedom which, in turn, requires protection through our commitment and sacrifice. Bless those who stand and protect our freedom, and we pray that you protect them with your omnipotent strength. Amen. -Prayer by Ed Smith

Saturday, June 15
Heavenly Father, we pray for travel mercies for all those who are embarking on journeys or are in the midst of a trip. We pray for their safety and that their logistics go smoothly. And we pray that if there is a disruption, that you give them patience and quick resolution. Amen.