Dr. Tom Pace, Dr. Tom Pace lll, Senior Pastor St. Lukes UMC, Sr Pastor St Lukes



I am so thankful for this last Sunday. You did indeed breathe new life into me. I felt a resurrection of the heart. I felt my bones come together and form life again. I was lifted up. Thank you, God, for new life, abundant life, everlasting life.

God, I pray that I would be able to continue to receive this amazing life you give me each and every day. But what shall I do with it? It needs to come out of me, to pour into the lives of others. It makes me want to reach out to others and draw them into the river of life you offer. It makes me want to witness to that life by being transformed myself. It makes me want to do what I can to heal the broken places in your world. O God use me as a vessel that I might offer your incredible life to others.

In the name of Jesus, who gives us water that we might never thirst again.



On Sunday night at 6:00 in the Sanctuary, Richard and Nathan Foster will be with us to discuss the book Celebration of Discipline on its 40th anniversary. Richard Foster is among the most significant Christian authors of our time. Don’t miss it; the event is free.

This Sunday morning, April 8, join us as we “sign the walls” of the Fellowship Hall, leaving your message about the things God has done in that room.

This Sunday morning we conclude our sermon series on Ezekiel with a discussion of the City of God and the River of Life that are found in his final vision. Where do you think creation is headed? How can you and I be a part of getting it there? Next Sunday, April 15, we begin a new four week sermon series entitled “My Child, You Are…” The old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” is true, but what are we as a village trying to teach them? What is it that we want children to understand about themselves down at their core? What is it that every child of God, no matter what age, needs to understand about him or herself? The Bible has a very clear picture of who we are; I invite you to come and join us as we consider it together.


Sunday, April 8

Heavenly Father, Please help me to always be guided by the divine wisdom of your Holy Spirit and motivated by your divine love, to always remember to put you first and stay focused on you, to always remember to ask you for the things I need, and to never forget you but instead to always do wonderful things to glorify you. Help me remember that there is no source of courage, happiness, inspiration, love, or strength that is greater than you. Amen. -Prayer by Orlando H. Cadena

Monday, April 9

Heavenly Father, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us. Please comfort those less fortunate in our world who struggle every day just to feed themselves. Help everyone see the good in others. Amen. 

Tuesday, April 10

Almighty God, Cleanse our hearts and heal our world. Love us. Help us to share your love with others. Amen. -Prayer by Jill Mulloy

Wednesday, April 11

Dear Heavenly Father, We come to you with praise and thanksgiving for all the things that make life worth living. Thank you for the gift of love in this world through your Son, Jesus. Be with us in our daily routine so that we live out of that love. Make us aware of the needs of others. In your Son’s Holy name we pray, Amen. -Prayer by Sandra Hendon

Thursday, April 12

Lord, I pray for those of us who do not regularly take the time to see your blessings. Please open our hearts and fill us with gratitude, so that we may see you at work in our everyday lives. With our hearts full of your love, I pray you guide us to serve our church and our community. Amen. -Prayer by Michele Byington

Friday, April 13

Lord Jesus, we pray for peace and community within our nation. A house divided cannot stand. We pray for our leaders, both local and national to have the wisdom, courage, and integrity to lead our nation toward solidarity and unity. Amen. -Prayer by W. Paul Waits

Saturday, April 14

Lord, please hold your children in the palm of your hands and give them strength to heal and find balance in their lives. Build them up in their trust in you and those who love them. Amen.


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