I’ve always had a sense of belonging. I was raised by loving parents who made sure I was in Scouts, ballet, regular attendance at church, and a myriad of other activities. But THEY were the ones who made those commitments for me.

As an adult, I was busy raising children and pursuing a career. All extremely satisfying, but not a voluntary commitment to a community. Something was missing.

I do remember one day stepping out of my comfort zone. I walked in to a theater stage production company in Albuquerque and said, “I would like to help”. “Great”, was the reply.” “Do you sing, dance,  act, or play an instrument?” I told her I did none of those, but still wanted to help. I was handed a stack of white fabric and some patterns and told, “We need aprons made for Oliver”. I made one dozen aprons. When the show opened, I went and loved seeing my 12 aprons dancing across the stage. It was a great feeling to belong to a community.

In 2009 I began dating Steve, my future husband. I came to Houston often and began to experience the absolute JOY of attending St. Luke’s. It was like a gigantic hug. Everyone, it seemed, was reaching out to me. What I needed to do was meet them halfway.

So, tentatively, I decided to step out in faith. My first foray into community was with Gayle Eury, the Wedding Coordinator, who said, “After YOUR wedding is over, I want you on the Wedding Guild”. I joined the Guild and loved it. Then came the opportunity to join a small group Bible study. What a loving experience of sharing, listening and making friends! I joined the Baptism Guild at the invitation of Noralyn Carpenter. It’s delightful to be around sweet babies and their families on that very important day in all their lives. And now I manage the schedule of the Baptism Guild volunteers. Jump right in, Maureen. Truth was, it was getting easier.

Though I still cannot sing, I’ve brought a treat or two for the 90-100 choir members who meet on Wednesday for rehearsal. I love supporting Steve’s commitment to his choir community.

None of these activities take much time. Really.  All of these activities are fulfilling.

I encourage you to consider joining one of the many +1 opportunities at St. Luke’s. It will make your heart sing!