Unlearning: A Course on Racial Justice and the Christian Life
How can we help participate in God’s plan of redemption for all of humanity? Do you find yourself thinking, “I want to speak up, but don’t want to say the wrong thing?” or “I want to help, but don’t know how.”  Join Rev. Michelle Manuel as we commit to learning and unlearning. All are invited into this brave and safe space in which to explore issues of Race Relations in America. Participants can expect to be fully welcomed, loved, and challenged. A Zoom invitation will be sent to you after registering.

Mondays, June 15 – July 27 (no meeting July 6)
2:30 – 4 p.m.
Led by Rev. Michelle Manuel

A Prayer In the Midst of This Painful Time

God of Peace and Justice, Our hearts are hurting as we watch the news, and we struggle to find the right words to pray, as there is so much pain. We pray first and foremost for George Floyd, and for his family. He was your child, and we pray and hope that you hold him in your hand right now. God, as we watch the anger burst forth in the streets around us, we are reminded that Jesus used a whip to turn the tables over in the temple, and at the same time taught his disciples to be peacemakers.  When they came to arrest him in the garden, he told his disciple to put away the sword.  We pray that the violence we see would be replaced by real solutions and changes in both hearts and actions. We pray that somehow we would recognize and change any systems that treat people differently, intentionally or unintentionally, simply because of the color of their skin.  God, because we seek to live and love like Jesus, we pray for Derek Chauvin, and the other officers involved, for they too are your children, no matter what.  We thank you for law enforcement officers who serve and protect us.  Grant them wisdom and discernment to make the difficult decisions they must make each day.  Most of all, God, shows each one of us what we can do so that justice rolls down like water, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, the prince of peace we pray. Amen.

St Luke’s Friends,

On May 19, St. Luke’s Church Council approved the document below, Moving Forward In Faith: A Guide to Gathering Together Again. We are taking a cautious approach, moving forward slowly based on the data from the Texas Medical Center and public health officials. (You can see the data yourself here.) We will start with small groups and move forward in stages as we see the virus under control. Sometimes, we may move backwards to a previous stage as we see the data. It also may be that some ministries may be able to move forward faster than others. It is currently our hope to move to small groups in June. Note that it will be a while before we gather for worship again, even with a plan for “distance loving,” our moniker for social distancing.

St. Luke’s church is not closed. The building has been closed of course, but church is open and working and serving and teaching and forming community. Virtual worship is going well, reaching more people than our worship has ever before. We are having great attendance in the classes and groups online and are investing our energy in creating better and better experiences in the days ahead. The people of St. Luke’s have been incredibly generous, so while we are working to tighten our belts and manage our expenses, our financial picture remains stable and strong.

We covet your prayers for St. Luke’s as we move forward in faith together, pursuing our vision of a city transformed by the love of Jesus.  “…Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith…”  (Hebrews 12, 1-2).

Tom Pace, Pastor

Michael Lewis, Chair, St. Luke’s Church Council

Serve 75 Challenge

Take a look through our Serve75 book for more ideas of what you can do from home!  You will also find an extensive list of partner and neighbor organizations in Houston that will surely need help in the coming weeks.