by Noralyn Carpenter

One of the sweetest parts of my postion at St. Luke’s is working with new parents to schedule their babies’ baptisms in worship. This became sweet indeed on June 12, when my own granddaughter, Vivian Gray Warner, was baptized here. Among those who stood with us for this special day were many friends from First United Methodist-Bryan, where my daughter Susie grew up. FUMC-Bryan was indeed the village that reared my child. And there was no question that they would be with us for this special day.

First there were Anne and Ginn Black and their now-grown daughters, Lisa and Brandi. Anne and Ginn stood with me and Susie when Susie was baptized in 1986. Lisa, Brandi and Susie thought they were sisters. The Carpenters and the Blacks saw each other through many firsts, and shared countless happy times and sad. There was never any question that these friends would be with us 30 years later for Vivian’s baptism.

Then there were Susan and Mike Beal. Susan was Susie’s confirmation sponsor; and as I have often said, Susan became Susie’s faith friend in 1993 and never quit the job. Long after confirmation was done, she and Mike continued to support Susie through high school, college, medical school and a wedding.

Of course I’m nutty with joy over my beautiful granddaughter, and especially that I was able to share her baptism day with my St. Luke’s faith family. But I cannot think about the specialness of Vivian’s baptism day without remembering the Blacks, and the Beals, and the entire faith family whose love and support have spanned more than three decades.