We moved to Houston with our son Nathan a year and a half ago from Queens, NY.  When we started looking for a church to attend we were looking for a place of belonging, but more importantly, we were looking for a place we could cultivate a deeper connection with our faith.  We both came from backgrounds that left us stagnant and longing for more spiritually.  With a young child, we wanted him to grow in a community of faith and worship.

What we found far surpassed what we had hoped for.  The immediate sense of belonging and fellowship we experienced at Encounter gave us the community we were looking for.  From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with smiling faces, felt moved by the beautiful music provided by Faith and the Encounter Band, and felt God speaking to us through Dr. Pace’s message. Encounter was a place where we felt connected to God, and coming to Encounter continues to be the highlight of our week. Most important though, we found ourselves more connected with Christ and praying regularly again.  We have been moved by Encounter, so much so, that Ben chose to give himself in baptism at the age of 30 last February.

The 10-year anniversary is a tremendous milestone for Encounter, but seeing the way God works through the worship leaders, it’s no surprise that it has remained a consistent and strong worship service for as long as it has.  We are honored to be a part of the Encounter community, to see the same faces every Sunday as we worship together, and to lift our hands up high and tell everyone we’re just loving our King.

Ben & Natalie Halladay