Harvey Flood Relief – St. Luke’s continues to serve.

We weren’t the first in, but we will be the last out. – Dr. Tom Pace

These words from Dr. Pace inspire us to live out our faith by serving our Houston friends impacted by Hurricane Harvey. After one year, this commitment to walk alongside our neighbors and to support our community speaks hope and love into the hearts of those who continue to suffer as they discern a way forward.

Through a collaborative effort known as The Restoration Team, St. Luke’s along with Chapelwood UMC, Westbury UMC, and St. Paul’s UMC, received grant funding from Houston Harvey Relief Fund, managed by Greater Houston Community Foundation, to help with rebuild efforts. The Restoration Team is hosting groups from around the country as they travel to Houston and help with the rebuilding effort.  To volunteer with The Restoration Team, sign up here!

If you would like to know more about how St. Luke’s is still responding to Harvey or how you can volunteer, contact Meredith Davis.


  • $467,111.64 Donated
  • $1,004,000.00 Restoration Team grants received for supplies and case management
  • 753 Days worked by local volunteers
  • 1,542 Days worked by out of town volunteers
  • 128 Homes mucked
  • 92 Homes made functional
  • 4,500 Calls made to check on members and friends
  • 23 Mission teams hosted
  • 184 Families assisted financially

Putting Faith to Work in Love