A single dollar doesn’t get you much today. You can’t even buy a cup of coffee or a gallon of gas with a buck. But when all our singles are combined, we have some buying power. During the month of June, St. Luke’s will revive one of our traditions and dedicate the $1 bills from the offering to benefit a community partner. “Good for a Guitar” is a 10-week summer program for 6-12 grade students attending the youth program at Wesley Community Center. In 2015, 16 students completed the inaugural program that teaches guitar fundamentals to students without access to affordable instruction. Research shows that there are many benefits to studying music. Students who participate in music programs learn discipline, teamwork and cultural awareness. They improve their language and reading skills as well as abstract thinking skills. In addition, participants score higher on their SAT and are less likely to abuse tobacco, drugs or alcohol compared to students who do not participate in such programs. At the end of the program, the students participate in a recital where they are each gifted with a guitar to show them that their hard work was Good for a Guitar. Through your boundless generosity, we will make a difference. Remember to bring your dollar to worship!