Candace Payne went mega-viral overnight as the “Chewbacca Mask” lady who had us all keeling over in uncontrollable laughter. In five days, it became the most popular video on the Facebook live platform.

In case you’re not one of the 150 million people who’s witnessed this hysterical masterpiece, allow me to indulge you: Google “Chewbacca mask lady.”

Here is the best part—Candace is not just another funny lady looking to use her 10 minutes of fame to gain more popularity for herself. She has a higher purpose: to serve God.

America’s latest Internet sensation is also a worship leader and a proud follower of Jesus Christ. In a recent Facebook video posted by John Calvin Cookman, she shares how she hopes to use her newfound platform to glorify His name:

“When I was 16, I had a vision and dream from the Lord about my future about being used for His glory. I didn’t understand the interpretation of it. I still, to this day, at 37 years old, try to figure that dream out. But that dream has never left my heart, nor my mind, nor the way that I walk and follow Jesus.

And I know that God has gifted me in many different areas, and sometimes I wake up and feel like I’m a jack of many trades, and a master of none because I have that creative buzz in me constantly going. … Can I tell you what I’ve learned? What I would tell myself (at 16) is this:

It doesn’t matter how talented, how anointed, how gifted, how passionate or how willing you are if you’re not fit to do the things that God has called you to do. And that is “spiritually” fit. There are three things that will take you further and further in the Kingdom of God: Diligence. Be diligent in the work of the Lord.

Patience. Have those moments where you stop and you wait upon the Lord. Don’t rush into ministry or a good opportunity because it looks shiny. Wait for the voice of God to direct you.

And then the third thing, it’s the biggest thing—if I could get to my 16-year-old self— is have obedience. When He tells you ‘move,’ move. When He tells you to ‘stop,’ stop. When He tells you, ‘Indulge in the delights of my table,’ indulge. But when He tells you, ‘That’s not yours. You can’t have it,’ step away. Do not try to make a name for yourself. His name will always outshadow yours.”

from video posted by Kelsey Straeter, post by By Kelsey Straeter