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2102, 2019

The Called Session of General Conference of the United Methodist Church

A special called session of the General Conference of the United Methodist denomination will be meeting in St. Louis from Saturday, February 23 – Tuesday, February 26. The purpose of the session is to make decisions regarding whether United Methodist churches or clergy are permitted to hold or […]

1502, 2019

Living and loving like Jesus

Last Sunday, we talked about the vision for all of St. Luke’s family of ministries – St. Luke’s church, The Story Houston, Gethsemane, Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, St. Luke’s Day School and After School and Summer Camps, as well as Bridges Academy. We are all are striving for […]

802, 2019

Special Edition

Our inside-out habits: We pray. We study the Bible. We make friends. We tell our stories. We give ourselves away in generosity and service. Friends, this Sunday I begin a special three-part sermon series sharing a new statement for St. Luke’s identity – vision, mission, spiritual journey, and […]

2501, 2019

What is your approval rating?

A PERSONAL PRAYER OK God, I’ll admit it. I’m kind of confused. On the one hand, my rabbi Jesus tells me in his sermon on the mount that I am supposed to be a light to the world, so people will see my good works and give you glory. Then, in […]

1801, 2019

Starving for Love

It’s Houston Marathon Weekend. We are praying for all of those at St. Luke’s who are running this year. Don’t forget: LOTS of road closures on Sunday morning, so plan your route to St. Luke’s. Here are the road closures:  Remember, Christians in Africa walk MILES to get to church. You can leave […]

1101, 2019

Dealing With My Appetites

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious God, How much is enough? I confess that it seems no matter what I have, I think more would be better. A bigger house in which all these grandchildren could play would be excellent. A bigger bank account would mean I don’t worry at […]