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2401, 2020

The real joy of life

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, Helping you to grow your Kingdom is hard work. Sometimes, I am weary. Sometimes, I am discouraged. But you told me that if I gave myself fully to your mission, I would find joy, and that is what I have discovered. There is so [...]

1701, 2020

Missing the moments

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gift-giving God, You pour into my life so many blessings that I just miss. You design for me moments that are beautiful and holy, but I fail to experience them in their fullness. Sometimes, I remain too concerned with what seem to be "matters of [...]

1001, 2020

Rejoice Always!

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of Love, It seems that in my spirit, there are two songs playing, both demanding my attention, both wanting me to sing along. One song is full of discord, anxiety, worry. It is a song with many voices, the voices of expectations at work, [...]

3112, 2019

Special Edition: Forty Days of Joy!

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious and Loving God, Today, I am filled with joy. I am so grateful that on Sunday morning, you finally healed my mom, taking her to be in your presence. Her confusion and anxiety are replaced by perfect peace, her pain and isolation have now [...]

2012, 2019

The end game of salvation!

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of love, I have been waiting, longing for you to save me. Yes, you entered my life with your grace a long time ago, and began that process of salvation. I responded to that grace as a youth, and knew that my sins were [...]

1312, 2019

Christmas Festival this week!

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, There are so many broken hearts who need to know your saving love. During the Christmas season, the hurt and emptiness from loss, from betrayal, from loneliness can be overwhelming. I pray today for those who grieve, for those who have lost the ability [...]