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2405, 2019

Some things we won’t forget

Our inside-out habits: We pray and worship. We study the Bible. We make friends. We tell our stories. We give ourselves away in generosity and service. A PERSONAL PRAYER God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, In the movies, the soldiers get shot and killed, and the plot just […]

1705, 2019

The Joneses

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of love, There is a worm that lives in my heart. Most of the time, I think he must be sleeping. But sometimes, he wakes up and begins to eat away at all the good feelings inside. The worm has a name – envy. When the worm […]

1005, 2019

Together with Mom

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, I am so grateful to have lots of moms in my life – my own mom, the marvelous mom of my children, the amazing moms of my grandchildren, the spiritual moms who have shared their faith with me along my journey and who still […]

305, 2019

Onward and Upward

A PERSONAL PRAYER  God, I remember when I felt that full fire in my belly, and I charged out the door every morning ready to change the world. I confess that sometimes now, God, I find myself coasting, hoping for easy rather than world-changing. I remember when I […]

2604, 2019

Gratitude in Hard Times

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of love, Sometimes, I win. Sometimes I lose. Sometimes the blues get ahold of me, ah just when I thought I had made it. (With thanksgiving to Carole King, “Sweet Seasons.” But all you boomers knew that.) It is so easy to give thanks in the […]

1904, 2019

Good Friday? An Even Better Sunday!

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of indescribable, unfathomable, incomprehensible love, As dawn broke on Friday morning, your beloved Son was on the way to the court of the pavements between the fortress and the temple. The long prayer of agony in the garden was accomplished. The betrayal was complete. […]