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1907, 2019

Can’t we just all get along?

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of all times and all people in all places, You know how I hate conflict and tension. I suspect there are some people who love a good fight – sort of “bring it on.” But not me, God. I just want us all to […]

1207, 2019

A Fresh Start

A PERSONAL PRAYER God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit, I remember the first time I made a commitment to following you, and offered you my life in response to your amazing grace. I felt so empowered, so full of life. I felt that nothing could bring me down. […]

507, 2019


A PERSONAL PRAYER God, Let’s stir the pot. Let’s shake things up. Let’s turn over some temple-tables. Let’s make something happen. OK, I know you have been doing that all along, but let’s you and I do it together (meaning I will join in this time). God, I thank you […]

2806, 2019

A Way Out

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, I have discovered that most folks don’t like to talk about sin much. Actually, I don’t like to talk about sin much. But sin is real. It is “crouching at the door.” Sometimes, I find myself stuck in a pattern of living and thinking […]

2106, 2019

All In, Baby

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, There are times I think I have it figured out. Things make sense. If I do A, then B will happen. And since I want B to happen, I will do A. I can move down the road confidently toward my goals and my […]

706, 2019


A PERSONAL PRAYER God, Today, I will make lots of choices, and I need your help. In every moment, and in every opportunity, I pray that… I will choose joy over anxiety and fear. I will choose compassion over apathy and self-centeredness. I will choose positivity over cynicism. […]