I am so grateful for your provision – everything I have really belongs to you, and I am just a steward of an infinitesimally small part of your resources. I can’t say that I “give” to you, because you can’t give to someone who owns it already! But you have put me in charge of this very small part of the world that belongs to you, and you have given me “dominion” over it. I pray that you would lead me to manage it wisely.

I confess to you, God, that I have sought to surrender to you every part of my life, but my financial life has been the most difficult. And yet, here I am, and you have given me everything I need, even if not everything I want. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, God. How can I say thank you?

Show me how to use what you have given me in the best possible way. Show me how not to bury my treasure, by hoarding it out of fear. Show me how not to squander my treasure, by somehow believing that it is given simply for my own pleasure. Show me how not to mismanage my treasure, by giving it away in ways that do not further your kingdom. And most of all, God, remind me that to whom much is given much will be expected, and by your Holy Spirit guide me to do that which gives you glory.

In the name of Christ, I pray. Amen.