I am currently a part-time student in my fourth semester (1st year) of seminary at Perkins School of Theology. I chose to answer a quiet calling into seminary with the support of my extended family at St. Luke’s.

After attending as a visitor to St. Luke’s for a few months, I jumped in and signed up for Disciple Bible Study nearly a decade ago. I was introduced to a group of warm, inquisitive, and supportive people open to conversations about the Bible and its context in our lives today. I met many spiritual allies and mentors from this first Bible study, many of whom shared with me other ministries that might work well with my spiritual gifts.

Over time, I joined different ministry teams, attended different Bible study groups, and learned about the structure and different functions of the church. A quiet calling came forth about looking at seminaries. The “what if” question was raised. I leaned into the momentum of the calling and found encouragement and prayerful support from many of the family members I met at St. Luke’s.

At this time, my specific calling is not particularly defined, however, I know that this second calling is lifted up in prayer by my St. Luke’s family.  With my St. Luke’s family, I’m not alone in what can be a daunting, very interesting, joyful, at times, strange, and fulfilling seminary experience.