We pray. We study the Bible. We make friends. We tell our stories. We give ourselves away in generosity and service.


God of all that is wonderful and good and lovely and true, God who shows up in the midst of all of our darkness and pain, I walked through the rain forest last week with a guide who showed me a million wonderful things I would have missed on my own. I would have missed the marvelous leafcutter ants, who carry their tiny leaf cuttings into an ant colony underground, a village which can grow to the size of a football field, all to satisfy a giant queen in the middle of the colony. You indeed create us to live together in colonies, and our life is not all about us, God. I would have missed the colorful but oh so tiny dart frog, whose skin is so poisonous that the venom of one species could kill ten humans. You sure do make arrangements for us to defend ourselves in a dangerous world. I would have missed the sloth up in the tree, who sleeps all the time and only moves one mile each year. It takes him 48 hours to mate! Maybe that is why he moves so slowly! I think, God, that you have used him to remind me to slow down. I would have missed the white faced monkeys enthusiastically enjoying their palm fruit. Oh that I could enjoy your provision as much as they do. God, I wonder how much of the time I go through life missing your blessings. Forgive me, God. I get so preoccupied with that which is problematic that I miss that which is incredible, marvelous, amazing. I need to start looking around more, God. Show me your presence in your amazing world. In the name of Jesus Christ, who showed us your amazing love, I pray. Amen


As soon as Abigail saw David, she got off her donkey and fell on her knees at his feet, her face to the ground in homage, saying, “My master, let me take the blame! Let me speak to you…” 

1 Samuel 25:23 (MSG) Read the whole story for the sermon here: 1 Samuel 25


Are you a person who is likely to step up and in, or do you tend to want to mind your own business? How do you feel about the concept of “collective responsibility?” How might you bless someone with whom you are in conflict?


Sometimes, a brilliant and courageous woman can live with a stupid and foolish man. Can I get an amen? This week, we continue to work our way through the saga of David as we read the story of David, Abigail, and Nabal. Have you ever stepped in to make peace?

As the summer continues, I want to encourage you to stay connected to the church while you are traveling by watching any of our three traditional worship services on livestream here:https://www.stlukesmethodist.org/livestream


Sunday, July 17
Dear God, please help our congregation warmly welcome guests and new members into the life of the church. Make us mindful of extending invitations into our ministries and small groups. Open our hearts to new friendships. Thank you, God, for the gift of your growing church body. Amen.

Monday, July 18
Lord, I pray that everyone who calls St. Luke’s home would have eight to ten people here who they call close friends. Amen. -Prayer by Rev. Thomas Harper

Tuesday, July 19 | Personal Prayer Day
Pray for the new members of our church. Pray for them by name if you know them. Ask God to guide them and grow them in their faith journey.

Wednesday, July 20
Dear Lord, you are an amazing God who loves us unconditionally. Yet, we confess that we don’t always love others unconditionally. We are quick to judge and abandon people in hard times. So, God, we ask that you would help us to remember how Jesus taught us to love one another. Amen.

Thursday, July 21 |  Personal Prayer Day
Pray for the people of our city who are in need. Pray for the people who are homeless, hungry, abused, neglected, and addicted to drugs. Then, pray for God to show you ways to help them.

Friday, July 22
God of miracles, we pray that you would be with those who are sick and need healing. May your hand touch them, care for them, and heal them. Help us to testify to your greatness and give all of the glory to you. Amen.

Saturday, July 23
Creating God, you have blessed us with a beautiful place here on earth. Help us to be good stewards of our space here on earth. Help us be an example to others. Amen.