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Men’s Life: Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45 a.m. | Fellowship Hall | September 12-November 14
Led by Dr. Tom Pace
Men’s Life encourages men to be their best. We invite men of all ages to join Dr. Tom Pace for teaching, a light breakfast, and round-table discussion about real-life issues and life-approaches related to men.

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Fall 2018 – The Passionate Jesus

The Jesus I met in Sunday School was a bit like a figure in a bad wax museum.  He always had a faraway look in his eyes.  He was lily-white, with long brown well washed and nicely conditioned hair.  He loved children and sheep, and always spoke in a nice soft voice.  He was very religious, and looked with disappointed (yet not angry) eyes at naughty boys.  And he smiled placidly, because he was very peaceful inside.  But as I grew older, I realized that wax figures aren’t real.  Jesus, on the other hand, is real indeed!  This Fall, our Men’s Life study will focus on discovering the passionate character traits of the real Jesus rather than the wax Jesus, and discuss with one another how we can grow the character of Jesus within us as men. Beginning Wednesday, September 12, and concluding on November 14, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall (or Johnson building…) from 6:30 – 7:45 a.m.  Tom Pace will share thoughts about “The Passionate Jesus,” and then we will join in small groups to share with one another about unlocking those same character traits within ourselves.  All men are invited, and bring a friend.


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