When I first began attending St. Luke’s after moving to Houston post-grad, I fell in love with the church and community spirit, but struggled to find my own personal connection amongst the many friendly faces. One Sunday, when I heard about the upcoming small group launch, my ears perked up, and I counted down the days until the launch. I was nervous, and had to remind myself that the whole group of women was just as new to the group as I was!

Opening yourself up and learning to be vulnerable was tough those first few meetings, but it helped our group grow together spiritually. Having a group of people to lift me up and encourage me to live like Jesus has been such a blessing. They encourage me to do better when I share both my highs and lows with no judgment and often share stories of times they’ve felt the same.

I look forward to our weekly meetings knowing that even when work is busy or things aren’t going my way, I’ll be reset after our meeting and able to focus on what’s really important. Better yet, I now feel connected to the church through my group. I look forward to talking to Madison on Sundays after hearing her read, and saying hi to the other women in the halls or the Sanctuary. In our group, we discuss both horizontal and vertical relationships. My small group allows me to have stronger horizontal, earthly relationships so that I have a deeper, stronger vertical relationship with God.

Are you looking for people to share life with, study the Bible, and pray together?

Small Groups Launch | Monday, February 10 | 7-8:30 p.m. | Hines Baker Room
At the Launch you’ll learn what it means to be in a small group, meet potential group members and learn more about the curriculum.
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