PM Pals was a life saver for my family. Since our son’s diagnosis of autism at the age of two we have endeavored to relentlessly attack his disability with multiple therapies, diets, supplements and specialized private academic settings. All of which has taken a financial and emotional toll on our marriage. I don’t know where my husband and I would be if we didn’t have PM Pals.

Some of the sweetest dates we have had in the last decade were Friday nights when our children were safely taken care of at PM Pals. 1:1 attention for our children is not typical; it’s usually something we have to fight for. It was such a gift to be able to go and have a quiet dinner or shop or just talk and focus on each other, even it was just for an hour with the peace of knowing they were not only safe but having fun.

It was bitter sweet for us to “age out” of PM Pals last year. On our last night at PM Pals, we were presented a small photo album with pictures of our children taken throughout the years, which proves this is not just a community service, but a place where families are loved, prayed for and taken care of. What a wonderful ministry to families who truly need the respite.