“Sheila” found Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) in early 2019 through a local church, where she had initially turned for help in her time of need. The hard-working 34-year-old mother of two children—ages 10 and 1—had recently moved to Houston from another state to flee domestic abuse. Sheila was working as a healthcare assistant but had no local support system to rely upon. In recent weeks, her homeless family had been living in their car.

The church and CCSC worked together to help stabilize Sheila’s family and find safe housing. On a few occasions in the subsequent weeks, CCSC also provided groceries, hygiene items, diapers, and baby wipes. All these items helped Sheila reallocate and stretch her financial resources. She was so grateful for the ministry’s kindness that on one of her visits, Sheila donated two large bags of children’s clothing that no longer fit her kids. It felt good for her to pass along acts of kindness to others.

Many community members like Sheila are making hard life decisions that are wise for the long run, yet create short-term struggles with basic necessities. Many community members are also gainfully employed but earning an income that falls short in providing for daily needs. CCSC helped thousands of persons in 2018, and each one of them—like Sheila—has a unique story.

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