In remote villages and slums of Africa where children do not have access to closed-toed shoes, infections enter through the feet, making it difficult, if not impossible, for children to walk and care for themselves. These infections can even claim limbs and lives. A pair of Sole Hope shoes can make the difference between life and death.  Sole Hope is a non-profit that provides shoes and offers hope to orphans, vulnerable children and communities in Africa through education, jobs, and medical relief while empowering people to live healthier lives, free of foot-related diseases.

All of the shoes are made from 96% recycled materials and cost $10 a pair. Donated blue jeans or denim make the uppers and recycled tires are used for the soles.  Shoe pieces are cut out at Sole Hope parties and then shipped to Africa. The shoe pieces are then assembled by locals who have been taught the trade of shoemaking.  Sole Hope pays these folks a fair wage, affording sustainable income to people who desperately need jobs to provide for their families. Through your generosity, you can help sew hope into the lives of these precious souls.

We are so excited to partner with Sole Hope and offer our support in the following ways through June:

Saturday, June 17 from 9:30 to 11 a.m., we will have a Shoe Cutting Party in the Fellowship Hall that will provide prepared materials for the shoes. All ages are welcome, and persons aged 12 and up can cut out shoe pieces while younger folks can participate in other service projects. Register  by email to [email protected]

Starting May 3, collection boxes will be available at the Westheimer and Gethsemane campuses for worn jean donations. These are the jeans we will use for materials at the cutting party.

Additionally, all $1 bills received in the collection plate during May will benefit Sole Hope.