Between the 115 flood buckets, 7,674 diapers, and a team that went to Baton Rouge to muck out flooded houses, St. Luke’s lived out our Inside- Out Habit of giving ourselves away in generosity and service. While in Baton Rouge, the team had the opportunity to serve a gentleman whose house took on more than four feet of water that didn’t recede for three days. He was disabled and unable to physically take on the task of pulling out carpet and sheetrock, but he was a blessing to the team as he continually offered encouragement, warm smiles, and stories about his house, family, and church.

Though he lost every single thing in his life except his dog and his truck, he kept telling us what a blessing it was to have St. Luke’s members helping him out during this time. Taking inspiration from the homeowner, the relief team from St. Luke’s chose to see the best even we were sticky and sweaty. What a joy to serve as the hands and feet of Christ!