Last year my husband Jamey and I were looking for a way to get involved with St. Luke’s, and we found the Children’s Ministry. We have two small children and thought that teaching Sunday school was the perfect way for our family to serve the church. We had the pleasure of teaching one of the two-year-old Sunday school classes, the Llama class, and enjoyed every minute of it. Jamey and I are happy to share our wonderful memories of the Llama class with our church family.

One of our students welcomed her baby sister while she was in the Llama class. Her dad picked her up one Sunday, and he shared a video of the new addition to their family. She was in the hospital meeting her sister for the first time and was looking out the window singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” This is a song the kids like to sing in our Llama class. Her dad said it was such a precious moment for their family.

Our students in the two-year-old class became much more talkative as the year went on. During snack time we talk about upcoming birthdays, trips or any stories on their mind. One of my favorites was about a trip to the beach that involved swimming with a great white shark! Hearing the enthusiasm and detail of his story made us all smile and listen with fascination. In talking with his dad at the end of class, we got the “altered” version of the story that described a nice beach trip with no shark encounters. Seeing kids’ imaginations at work is a wondrous thing.

Jamey and I also had the privilege of working with a great team of teachers too! We enjoyed connecting and getting to know parents with young kids like us. There were many encouraging words and pats on the back exchanged between parents for making it to class on time even if our children were wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter.

Throughout the year we found our sweet Llamas soaking up Bible stories, songs about Jesus, and all the love the Children’s Ministry team shared with them. Instead of nervous smiles when we greeted them at the door, they told us stories and gave us big hugs. During music time it was a joy to see the children learn the songs and feel comfortable singing and dancing with their classmates. There were times I wondered if people could hear the Llama class singing “Jesus Loves Me” in the Sanctuary!

The children in the Llama class were such a blessing to our family. Their curious minds, open hearts, and pure love were a constant reminder of how amazing God is and what a gift He gives us through children. We hope that these sweet stories brighten your day just as it has blessed our entire year!