On January 4, 2015, we walked into St. Luke’s as members who had just lost their twins at 25 weeks. We were lost souls and didn’t know what to do next. The grief was raw, but that day we felt God was showing us a sign we needed to go to church. During the service we opened our hymnals and sang, This is a Day of New Beginnings. Then I knew I was in the right place at the right time. We didn’t always sign in when we went to church, but that day we did sign in and left a message in the attendance book. I thought surely nobody will see this, but I felt God was saying to do this. To this day I am forever grateful for St. Luke’s. The following day we received a phone call from Bill Denham and he came over to our house that night and helped us back onto our feet. We will be forever grateful for the Stephen Ministry program. Bill Ellerbrock was my husband Stephen’s Minister and Pat Anderson was mine. Those two helped us beyond what words could describe. They gave us the courage to try another round of fertility treatments and prayed for us to have a child. In July of 2017, we welcomed our sweet baby girl Julianna. When Julianna was 1.5 days old Bill Denham walked into my hospital room and I had tears of joy and felt whole again as he was there in our times of sadness and our times of pure happiness. On October 15, 2017, by our request Bill Denham baptized Julianna. Julianna has been at St. Luke’s Day School since she was 3 months old and absolutely loves it there. We live around the corner from St. Luke’s and when she hears the church bells, she says it’s her school bells. Those bells mean so much to me. It gives me joy to hear them because now she loves them too.

St. Luke’s is my family.