I stepped into my 8th grade Sunday School class on a crisp, cool Sunday morning. Fresh from mowing lawns the day before, I was armed with cash in my wallet. At that time, most of the money I earned went to sodas, candy and CDs (this was the 80’s, iTunes was not invented then). When my Sunday School teacher, Carl, asked for donations to help feed a few families he was trying to support, I did not really think about it and immediately parted with $20 of my recently earned money.

I had completely forgotten about that donation a week after Thanksgiving when Carl came into class and pulled me aside because he said he needed to talk to me about something. I was going over all of the things
I must have done wrong for the lecture I was about to get from Carl.   

However, Carl had a beaming smile on his face. He exclaimed that he was very proud of me because the money I donated had fed an entire family on Thanksgiving Day.

I was blown away! It was the moment that I realized the impact that
I could have on other people through my church. Carl was tireless in his giving and time he put into helping others. He had found an opportunity for me and made a connection. 

My head was always there but this brought my heart into it and made it real, made it personal. Giving became contagious and a way for me to thank God for my blessings with a hope to provide blessings for others.
I still remember Carl’s smile to this day.