29 05, 2016

How God Can Use Any Platform to Glorify His Name

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Candace Payne went mega-viral overnight as the “Chewbacca Mask” lady who had us all keeling over in uncontrollable laughter. In five days, it became the most popular video on the Facebook live platform. In case you’re not one of the 150 million people who’s witnessed this hysterical masterpiece, allow me to indulge you: Google “Chewbacca mask lady.” https://youtu.be/Ji1XFQa2Bhs Here is the best part—Candace is not just another funny lady looking to use her 10 minutes of fame to gain more popularity for herself. She has a higher purpose: to serve God. America’s latest Internet sensation is also a worship [...]

15 11, 2015

Deep Breaths: Inside-Out Habits with Dr. Tom Pace for November 15, 2015

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We pray. We study the Bible. We make friends. We tell our stories. We give ourselves away in generosity and service. A PERSONAL PRAYER God of all times, There are days I hear that voice in my head that I am absolutely sure is not you. It is a voice that comes from a dark place in my heart, a place where there is pain. It is a voice that judges someone else, a voice of self-righteousness, a voice that nurses ill-will and my own self as a victim. I unwillingly rehearse the words in my mind over and over… “He has [...]