Gift giving, generous God,

Today, I choose gratitude. Yes, in my mind other things pop up. I complain. I judge others. I get anxious about the future, or even about the present. But today I choose not to let them linger, but instead to douse them with gratitude and turn my thoughts to giving thanks. Life is all a gift, and I am thankful to be allowed to live it.

I am especially thankful to be a part of a church family in which gratitude is both spoken and acted out. I feel the vibe when I come in the door. I sense it in every conversation, every welcoming hug, every moment of service. People around me believe that to whom much is given, much will be expected, and we have been given much in Jesus Christ, so we respond by living with generosity and gratitude. We all are shaped by the communities of which we are a part, taught how to live by the pack with whom we run, and I am no different. So, God, I thank you that I am being taught how to live gratefully by the people all around me.

So today, I choose gratitude. And I ask you, God, to show me how to live it every moment of this day you have given me.

In the name of the one who took the bread and wine, and gave thanks. Amen.