Gracious God,

It is an amazing country in which I am blessed to live. I thank you for the privilege of being a part of it. I pray you would continue to bless our nation and guide our leaders and all of us to fully actualize the positive values of freedom and equity that underpin our national pride. I know your love knows no boundaries, and that the patriotism and love for country in other nations is just as noble as is mine. So I pray for all the peoples of your world that all the world’s nations may thrive and know prosperity and peace. 

God, I know that my greatest allegiance must be to you and your Kingdom. As I consider your death on a cross, I can sure believe the evil that murdered you. I see it in our world, even today. But I cannot really comprehend with my logical mind the depth of love that would allow it. It is something I can only really appropriate with my heart, a heart called into repentance and full of gratitude for your amazing grace.

O Love divine, what hast thou done!
The immortal God hath died for me!
The Father’s co-eternal Son
bore all my sins upon the tree.
Th’immortal God for me hath died:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified! – Charles Wesley