OK, God, I feel like I am running in circles, but staying in the same place. You know about all the phone calls, the ZOOM conferences, the worries about church and congregational health and finances and the future. You know I am praying more than ever, for my own family, for those who are sick, for the healthcare workers on the front line, for families with kids trying to do work and childcare from home, for our older adults stuck at home, for those who live paycheck to paycheck, for those who lead businesses and organizations, for St. Luke’s and our ministry, for our staff, for so many people by name. I must admit, God, it feels like I should be doing even more than I am, but I don’t really know what else to do. I spend hours on ZOOM conference calls. I write sermons. I record videos. But surely there is more we can do! Isn’t there?

Or… maybe not. Maybe this is a moment you ask us to do our best, and to trust you with the rest. Maybe this is a moment you challenge us to be still, and know you are God. Maybe this is a moment which you will use to call us to our knees. Maybe this is a moment in which we are invited to live in joyous and courageous trust in you.

God, give me peace. And continue to turn my mind toward those for whom these days are far more than an annoyance, but a life changing challenge. Use these days to bring us back to the reality that you hold us all in the palm of your hand, that you are our hope and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

On this day, God, I put away all my fear and anxiety, and give it all to you, trusting your amazing and unblinking love. Amen.