St. Luke’s is committed to children, and St. Luke’s is committed to theatre, music and fine arts. When all these elements combine, my heart SINGS.   

Our 11:00 congregation this morning will be treated to a selection from “Life of the Party,” our 7th annual Children’s Music Ministries’ summer musical. This 30-minute production was performed on Friday night by a great group of 35 first through fifth graders after only a week of rehearsals. Julie Osterman, Noralyn Carpenter, Megan Kessler and I are very proud of them!

It has been my immense privilege to be involved in many musical theatre projects with young people aged kindergarten all the way through high school here at our church. The benefits of youth participating in theatre are well-documented: cooperation, patience, empathy, teamwork, confidence, creativity, listening, focus, thinking on one’s feet, trust, community. I could go on and on.

However, it’s the little moments of magic, what I sometimes call “a-ha” moments, or what could even be seen as Holy-Spirit-moments that really speak to me:

  • The child who surprises himself with his success at the audition and can’t help but run up and give the directors high fives;
  • The high school boy who un-self-consciously moves and grooves to the music we’re rehearsing (even if he isn’t necessarily moving the way we choreographed!), and whose peers don’t bat a disapproving eyelash;
  • The two middle school girls who were more or less strangers before the show but who are inseparable best friends after;
  • The teen helper who patiently adjusts an eight year old’s costume and gives a reassuring hug;
  • The look of accomplishment on a child’s face when she finally gets a line she’s been struggling with correct after the whole cast has stood behind her with affirmations;
  • The father who approached me after a recent performance with what I can only describe as a look of awe on his face, saying “I didn’t know my son was capable of that.”

I am so grateful to be a member of a church that makes moments like these possible. Come down the hall and see us in the Rotunda Theatre sometime!