I had the day off on Monday, and as the wild storm blew in I snuggled my covers over me and watched the trees blow like crazy in the backyard. I knew that I wanted to try out the fancy new exercise bike, and make progress on some reading, but decided to have a second cup of coffee and stay between the sheets instead. It was luxurious time to rest and recharge. Another hour went by and I had still not budged. As much I wanted to get a work-out in and dive into my reading, I stayed in the cozy nest with my iPad in hand. Now, all caught up with social media, the guilty pleasure of my morning is turning into guilt. I have become one with my mattress. I’m stuck. Can anyone else relate?

Now the sun comes out and instead of jumping out of bed and getting dressed, I’m compelled to watch the glistening leaves of the olive trees. The sun’s warmth streaming through my window is just too delicious to miss. I choose a few minutes more, and enter onto the third hour of The Today Show. “Exercise slumps, relationship ruts, and overall mental funks happen to the best of us. But while getting stuck is inevitable, staying there isn’t.” Wise words to be sure, but oh to employ!

I wish I could tell you that I ultimately exercised and read a ton, but I did not. I did spend the afternoon photographing a toddler with a head full of cascading curls. Creativity fed. Exercise starved. Still stuck.
Tomorrow, it’s back to work and an early workout at the gym, with plenty of time for morning devotions before the work day starts. This time, I pack my bags before going to bed, lay out my workout clothes, sneakers with my favorite socks tucked in so that I might veritably free-fall into routine. I even go downstairs and place my bags in the car, for goodness sake. Nothing will stop me tomorrow.

My phone alarm goes off and I am up, dressed and out fast. As I drive over the rise on the way to the gym the city skyline is bathed in pinks, purples, oranges and blues­—the most magnificent sunrise I have seen in months. I am so completely tempted to change my plans and circle back to photograph. Surely this is one in a million. The temptation is strong. I even sneak a peek in the back seat to see if I threw in my camera bag, but luckily I did not. I continue on my way feeling a combination of pride that I stayed the course and regret that I missed a beaut. Is it that way for you? The motion towards our goal propels us forward out of stuck, but the FOMO(fear of missing out) of the old way, the comfortable way, the rebellious way is real. Let’s pray for each other.