VBS Part 1: Hero Central = God-Centered

What do you get when you add 204 teen volunteers, 50 adult volunteers, 600 campers and 2 crazy New Zealanders? VBS 2017!

St. Luke’s became Hero Central, and friendly welcomers ushered each new and returning family to our first campus-wide VBS including the new Johnson Building. We launched right in with spirited singing at the first big group time with The Lads in Fellowship Hall.

Teen helpers from Westheimer and Gethsemane served each day and increased the “cool factor” as they assisted in all activities.

The VBS teachers raved about the teen helpers: “We LOVE our teen helpers! They are making sure every child in our class feels loved and included.” “They have all been awesome. What a huge blessing to have helpers who are like, ‘oh, we already counted offering, taken attendance, gotten snack and set-up craft.’ Amazing!!!”

Kaitlynn Carroll, shares her story about her experience, “I volunteered for VBS because of the amazing experiences I had when I was a student. I had a special bond with my kids this year because it was the second consecutive year that I had them in my class. To see how they had grown in their faith over the year was truly inspiring and I can’t wait to see them join me as teen leaders next VBS! I also got the privilege to lead the group during worship time with The Lads every morning with my friends in the front of the Fellowship Hall. To see how the kids of all ages reacted to how excited we could be at the front empowered me so much and helped me see the impact that I could truly make on these kids. I saw God throughout the entire week in situations such as some of my girls keeping another little girl included consistently with their group because she was nervous all week long. All of the other teen helpers showed God through how they interacted with their kids and even other teen helpers who didn’t have friends in the church. Most of all, I saw God in the family that we all became over the week of VBS. The friends that I’ve made through this event will last a lifetime, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord and help show the children of our church the true nature of God.”

Next week’s story: VBS Part 2- Reaching out with Shoes That Grow!

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